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   Chapter 909 The Best Ending

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Sean took a deep breath.

"Hebe got pregnant and gave birth to my son by accident. We didn't intend for that to happen. I should have told you about this matter before, but I was so frightened. I was such a coward at that time that I didn't know how to explain the whole thing to you. And now, you're pregnant. If you want to give birth to the baby, we can share the custody of our baby together. I can still look after you. If you don't want the baby, you can have an abortion. I admit that I'm such a bastard. I don't deserve your love. Please let me go," Sean said as sincerely as he could.

"Is Hebe that worth it?" Christina asked, ignoring all the things that Sean had just said. She was very sad that she couldn't help but cry bitterly. She never expected Sean to say words that could hurt her that much.

"You can still be the noble Lady of the Mu Clan and lead a good life without me, but Hebe is different from you. She only has me to depend on," Sean tried to explain his side.

If Linda heard those words from Sean, she would surely beat him up.

He was such a shameless bastard.

However, since Christina loved Sean very much, she couldn't perceive the situation clearly. In reality, even after all that happened, she couldn't find it in her to hate Sean even just a little bit.

"Okay, I'll let you go," Christina found the strength to finally tell him. However, she just really wanted the conversation to be over. She felt that her heart would give out any minute.

Sean stood up from the floor and went back to the bedroom to pack up his things.

He didn't have a lot of things. He just meant to take away some clothes he bought for himself. As for the expensive clothes that Christina bought for him, he didn't want to take any of them.

Christina had spent over 100, 000 for his clothes, but each time Sean wore those clothes, he just felt that it was an insult to him.

For Sean, he should spend money according to the amount he earned through his actual abilities. But the things that Christina bought for him were too expensive and he couldn't afford them at all. Thus, while staying with Christina, Sean always thought that he was depending on Christina too much.

Besides, now that Sean wasn't earning a very high salary, he couldn't buy the things that Christina liked so much to please her or make her happy.

However, as for Hebe who wasn't as rich as Christina, Sean could make her very happy even if he just bought her a necklace or a ring that only cost a few hundred dollars.

"You can call me if you have the time. Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the formality of divorce. As for the matter of our baby, you can think about it some mor

ns and asked what was important for her.

She sat up from the bed and waited for Charles to respond.

She felt a terrible pain in her body. It was the kind of pain that seemed to be caused after the anesthetic's effect had been gone. The pain made her worried and she panicked. She wondered whether she had lost her baby.

Charles was stunned by her words. He had planned to tell Christina about the news after she calmed down a little bit later. But he didn't expect her to take his hand and ask him about her baby after she just woke up.

Charles had no idea how to tell Christina such a heartbreaking news.

"How's my baby? Tell me. Is my baby still here?" Christina continued to question as she caressed her now flat stomach.

Seeing the hesitant expression on Charles's face, Christina immediately knew and guessed that she might have lost her baby. Otherwise, Charles would not hesitate to tell her if her baby was alive and fine.

"Christina, the doctors were unable to save your baby. I'm sorry," Charles finally found the words to tell her.

He could clearly see that Christina's eyes gradually got red and her tears slowly welled up in her eyes. At last, she burst into tears.

"You can still get pregnant and have babies in the future, so don't be so sad. Perhaps, this is better for you and Sean," Charles comforted Christina.

Christina just kept on weeping. She couldn't hold back her emotions anymore. She didn't cry so bitterly even when Sean said that he planned to divorce her. But it was a different matter this time. It was her baby, someone that she really wanted to give birth to. It was someone that she put a lot of effort and heart into. All she could do then was cry, unable to calm all the emotions inside her⁠—regret, disappointment, and most of all, loss.

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