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   Chapter 908 What About Our Baby

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Sean was so hungry that he went on eating and eating until he felt a little full. He hadn't eaten anything until then.

He had planned to eat the take-out that he brought earlier that day with Hebe. But Charles and Christina had arrived at the hospital soon after him, so he couldn't eat with her.

Christina sat across from him and watched him gobble the dumplings quietly. She had a lot of emotions and thoughts inside of her.

He was still her husband but she knew that he might become another woman's husband soon.

She still couldn't accept that their marriage could possibly end that way.

Even though Sean had been cheating on her, she still wanted to give him another chance. If he wanted to make it up with her, she was willing to cut him some slack and embrace him with open arms once again.

"I'm truly very sorry, Christina. I know I'm letting you down. It's all my fault," Sean broke the silence as he swallowed the last dumpling.

He put down the chopsticks, raised his head and looked straight into Christina's eyes.

He wondered what Christina had been thinking. She had been so quiet and her calmness terrified him a little.

"Yes, I know that you're sorry. I'm really disappointed in you. But now, you have to make a decision," Christina started.

She continued when he didn't say a word, "You know what I'm talking about, don't you? The day we got married, I told you how I was going to deal with you if you cheated on me one day. I said that I would feed you to the dogs."

"Hmm," Sean agreed, remembering her words.

Indeed, she said something like that. But back then, they were so in love with each other, and Sean had thought that it was just a joke. At that time, it never occurred to him that they would be having that kind of conversation in their living room and she would still remember what she had said and brought it up right in front of him.

"I'm taking it back. I want to give you another chance. If you break up with that slut and promise never to see her again, I'll try to forget about the whole thing and forgive you. If you don't want to leave your son, you can bring him here and we can raise him together," she said, looking straight into his eyes.

He should feel happy to be forgiven and offered a second chance but Sean just felt really upset with her words. He knew it was really hard for her to forgive him.

However, deep down he knew that he didn't want to break up with Hebe. He knew Hebe loved him very much and he had fallen in love with her over the past few years. She always cared about him and respected him. That was why he had decided

me that's the reason why you think you can cheat on me." Christina's words poured out before she could stop any of them.

She felt really hurt. She could feel her heart clench and break inside of her.

"No, it wasn't like that. Back then, I just wanted to make it up to her..." Sean said with a sigh.

Then he continued, "But then, as chance would have it, she became pregnant."

Christina closed her eyes upon hearing Sean's words. The story between him and Hebe was just like a TV drama. The female character got pregnant during the first time she had sex with the male character. What were the odds?

"Tell me your answer. How do you want to deal with the situation right now? You need to make a decision. Me or Hebe?" Christina asked directly. She could feel that she was about to give out any time soon from the pain.

Drinking the wine down in one gulp, he knelt in front of her.

For a moment, Christina was relieved. She thought that he was about to ask for her forgiveness.

"Christina, just let me go. Do you know that being your husband has been really hard for me? Everyone said that I'm a gold digger, a social climber and all of those nicknames. They said that I got the promotion just because of you and the power of your family. They ignored and denied all my efforts," Sean pleaded.

"Is that my fault then? We both know what they're saying is untrue, so why did you let them affect you? Is it because of your pride?" Christina questioned him. When for the third time that hour, Sean didn't respond, she just sighed and stated, "So that is the reason why you want to have a divorce? Sean Zhang, don't you forget. I am carrying your baby right now. Have you thought about the baby before you said all of that?"

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