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   Chapter 907 Negotiation

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"It doesn't matter. I really don't want anything else because all I wanted was to stay by your side. You don't have to make any promises or offer to marry me."

"Don't say such things. I will promise to hold a big wedding for you and marry you. Don't worry and just trust me. Give me some more time."

Sean placed his arms around Hebe and held her tight. While hugging Sean, Hebe seemed to be at a loss. She had a hint of hesitation in her face and there was also guilt shining in her eyes.

Sean didn't notice her expression at that moment.

When Charles reached home, Linda was already back. She assisted Charles in taking off his suit jacket. Then they went straight to their bedroom and closed the door.

They wanted some privacy because they believed that Christina's matter should not be known by the servants.

Charles made a call to Paul first.

"Hugh Li, Sean's subordinate, is capable. I think he is competent to hold the post of the Director of the Public Security Bureau."

Paul nodded and responded, "Okay, Young Master.

I will arrange for that."

After hanging up the phone, Charles spoke, "Sean is really a bastard. He loves both Christina and Hebe at the same time." Charles couldn't help but swear at Sean. He had already given Sean a chance to make things right but he didn't expect him to be so greedy.

Linda was stunned by Charles's words. She was convinced that he was really angry this time. Charles hadn't taken action against Sean in the past but when he came back home today, he immediately took away Sean's position as the Director of the Public Security Bureau. Linda wondered whether Sean said or did something to offend Charles.

"Honey, what is Sean going to do now? What's his decision? Did he say that he loves both Hebe and Christina at the same time?" Linda asked bluntly. She wanted to get to the point.

"I don't know. The most important thing at the moment is Christina. Whatever her decision is, I will support her."

"She just got back home but she already suffered mood swings earlier. It is a good thing that she is better now."

Suddenly a question struck Charles. He drew Linda to the sofa and asked, "Dear, if you happen to get yourself in a situation like this, what will you do or how will you deal with it?"

"What do you mean what I will do?

it made Sean feel even more morose.

After letting out a deep sigh, Sean drove back home.

On the way back, he received a text message from Hebe.

"Sean, be careful on the road. You should wear more clothes because it is cold outside."

Hebe always cared about Sean. She would always text him just to remind him to wear more clothes every time the weather got cold.

She would always prepare an umbrella for him whenever it was going to rain.

Tonight, Sean just wanted to talk to Christina to settle everything with her.

He really couldn't endure the mental torment any longer. He just needed to make a decision and get rid of their suffering as soon as possible.

When he reached their villa, Christina was already waiting for him at the door. The moment that she saw Sean, Christina squatted down to fetch his slippers so that Sean could change his shoes.

"You're back."

"Um, I'm back."

After changing his shoes, Sean shook off his coat. Christina quickly took it from him and hung it on the coat hanger nearby.

Whenever they were at home, Christina would usually do those things for Sean personally.

"Have you had dinner yet?"

Sean shook his head.

"I ask the servants to cook some noodles and dumplings for you now." Sean just nodded his thanks.

They often had daily conversations like these in the past. Christina always helped Sean put away his coat. Those happy scenes flashed through Sean's mind suddenly and it made him more upset.

Christina then asked the servants to prepare Sean's dinner.

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