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   Chapter 906 Don't Hurt Christina's Feelings

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7832

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Linda was now sure that Christina had no idea that Sean and Hebe had a son.

Linda sighed and wondered whether she should tell Christina about the matter or not.

"Sean and Hebe have a five-year-old son. Do you know about it?" Linda finally spoke. She thought that Christina had the right to know and accept the fact that Sean had a child from another woman.

Linda's words gave Christina a terrible shock. Christina was speechless for a long time. She just stared at Linda in shock.

Linda noticed that Christina went pale so she began to regret telling her about the matter. She was beginning to realize that she should have waited for a more suitable chance to tell her about that.

"I'm sorry, Christina. I didn't want to tell you this because I knew that it will make you sad, but I believe that you deserve to know the truth."

Christina forced a smile.

"It doesn't matter. I have to know about it sooner or later. I will feel uneasy and helpless if I'm kept in the dark about everything. Thank you for telling me about all of this."

Christina was a clever woman and she knew that Charles might have been aware of Sean's affair and the fact that he had a son already. However, he was a really considerate man and it might be because of that that he did not tell her about it immediately because he was afraid that the truth might hurt her.

"Everything will pass. Don't think too much. You can just make your own decision. I suggest you divorce that bastard as soon as possible,"

Linda comforted Christina in a low voice while taking her hand.

Anna went to ask the doctor about Christina's physical condition.

She learned from the doctor that both Christina and her unborn baby were just fine.

Normally, Christina would go to the Mu Clan's private hospital to receive any physical examination but today she had the examination at another hospital because it was an emergency.

Linda knew that Christina could not possibly make up her mind in a short time so she decided to give Christina some space, so that she could ponder over the matter for one or two days before she could make a decision.

That was the reason why Linda didn't say anything else. Christina suddenly felt very tired so she leaned against the bed and closed her eyes. Linda just sat beside her in silence so as not to disturb her.


I'm going to go home. What about you?"

"I'll be back soon," Charles replied. He decided to leave the hospital and ignore Sean.

Sean was left at the fire exit alone.

He couldn't help but burst into tears.

He found it hard to make a decision.

He was such a bastard to love two women at the same time.

Sean wondered why he was in such a dilemma and he was still confused as to what he should do.

After crying for a while, Sean managed to calm himself down. He made his way to the washroom to wash his face. After cleaning himself up, he went back to Hebe's ward.

A nurse was bandaging the wound on Hebe's forehead when he entered her room.

"Who dared to come here and injure your head in broad daylight?" the nurse uttered indignantly when she saw Hebe was injured and crying. She was a new intern and she had no idea of what was happening.

Hebe shook her head.

"I'm all right. I just hurt myself by accident," she replied.

When the nurse was finished with dressing the wound, she warned Sean not to let the wound touch water before leaving.

Hebe cried even more bitterly while looking at Sean as soon as the nurse was out of the room.

"Sean, I'm sorry. You should leave me. Young Master Mu will not let you off."

"What are you taking about?" Sean got even more guilty upon hearing Hebe. Hebe was so reasonable, meek and obedient all the time. He couldn't have the heart to abandon her or break her heart.

He also wasn't willing to let Hebe and their son be treated unfairly. He would not let them lead a hard life.

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