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   Chapter 904 Meddling In Others' Business

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Trembling, Christina watched her husband care for and hug another woman right in front of her eyes. She got extremely heart-broken and disappointed. She had never felt such terrible feelings before.

"Now that you're unwilling to go out and have a talk, we can make everything clear here today. I'm sorry I cheat on you. You can punish me in any way you want," Sean stated.

"I have to beat you to death! You bastard!"

Christina stretched out her fists and punched Sean's chest very hard.

Without defending himself even a bit, Sean just let Christina hit him.

Right then, Hebe got out of bed and staggered towards Sean. Then, she stood in front of him and stretched out her arms. "Please stop. Please don't hit Sean. You can beat me. It's all my fault," she pleaded in tears.

Christina became more and more furious when she saw Hebe protecting Sean and begging her to stop.

"Go away!" Christina shouted in front of her face.

"Please! It's my fault. You can hit me. Please don't hurt him," Hebe begged even more.

Christina thought that Hebe was so ridiculous and foolish. Moreover, she thought that Hebe didn't have the right to stand in front of Sean to protect him.

"You want me to hit you, right? Well, if so, I'd like to do that," Christina stated. Her voice was filled with rage and hatred.

Then, she ran into the bathroom and took out a mop.

Seeing what Christina was going to do, Sean moved before Hebe and told Christina, "It's my fault. Don't blame her for that."

"What do you mean?" Christina sulked, simmering with resentment.

Sean stayed in front of his mistress to protect her and even asked his legal wife not to hit her, which irritated Christina so much. She wondered whether her relationship and marriage with Sean had already ended. And they had to go through a divorce.

"Nothing. You can just hit me if you want," Sean said with determination.

Right then, Charles, who had been silent all this time, approached them, grabbed Sean's shirt collar and pulled him to one side, away from Christina and Hebe.

Then, without taking a break of a second, Charles punched Sean in the face really hard.

After being hit so hard by Charles, Sean limped backwards, the corner of his mouth oozing with blood.

"Sean, I'm really disappointed in you," Charles uttered flatly.

"I'm so sorry, Charles. It's all my fault. I've done something to break Christina's heart," Sean addressed him. He lowered his head, not intending to explain the matter to them as he knew it was useless to give any clarification for it.

"Do you think there'

at she ended up coming to an unpleasant end.

Perhaps everyone, including Sean, didn't expect that such a matter would happen. Love and feelings were always mysterious. And once a man had a desire for something, he might do something reckless to get it. Perhaps people were actually selfish and human nature was really cruel.

"Let's get to the hospital first. Charles said that Christina is suffering from mood swings. We should go and see her now. I studied psychology before, so I think I can calm her down and persuade her to look on the bright side," Linda told Anna.

If a woman lost her husband, she might be overcome with sadness and despair all the time, let alone Christina who loved Sean so much. Linda didn't want such a tragedy to happen. Besides, it seemed that Sean and Christina couldn't maintain their marriage anymore because Sean had a five-year-old son with Hebe. He didn't merely hook up with another woman this time, but he was also a father of a child.

Even if he was willing to try and make his marriage with Christina work, how about his child?

His child might definitely get in the way of his marriage and their peaceful life.

Anna nodded and stepped on the accelerator to make the car go faster.

When they arrived at the North City Hospital's gate, Linda and Anna immediately went inside. Right then, Christina had been sent to a room to rest. However, she was still not feeling okay.

Sean wanted to see Christina, but Charles stopped him with a long face.

"What's the situation right now?" Linda asked.

Before Charles got a chance to answer, Sean glared at Linda with resentment in his red eyes. "Linda, you really like meddling in others' business, don't you?" he uttered.

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