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   Chapter 903 Why Are You On Her Side

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Charles silently stared at Christina, who was overwhelmed by her sadness and grief. He had no idea how to comfort her or relieve her of her worries.

Charles previously planned to let Linda meet and comfort Christina. He thought that it would better for the two ladies to talk with each other since they belonged to the same gender. They might understand each other more easily and Christina might be more at ease to share her worries with Linda.

"Charles, I'm pregnant. I hope that I don't encounter anything stressful during my pregnancy. I've put in a lot of effort just so that Sean and I can have a baby together. He shouldn't do anything to make me unhappy."

Charles braked sharply when he heard Christina's news.

Before Charles heard the news, he thought that it didn't matter if Christina really divorced Sean. It would be very easy to settle everything since they had no children to share custody with. Their marital problems were Sean's faults but Christina never committed adultery. Charles was furious about this and was determined to punish Sean and make him suffer. Charles wanted to make sure Sean wouldn't have a peaceful life in SH City.

However, the sudden news that Christina was pregnant with Sean's baby confused Charles.

"You're telling the truth right?"

"Of course I am. What reason could I possibly have to lie about something like this? I really am two months pregnant."

Charles didn't utter a word. He silently lit a cigarette and stared out of the car window.

"What's wrong, Charles? Is there something I need to know that you haven't told me?" Christina asked anxiously. Her face reflected her worries.

Charles was still silent as he smoked his cigarette. He suddenly realized that Christina wasn't allowed to smell the smoke since she was pregnant so he immediately put out his cigarette.

He then started the car again and finally responded, "We should go look for Sean first and talk to him. Don't worry. No matter what happens, we will always support you. If Sean dares to cheat on you, I'll never forgive him and I'll make sure to torment him for the rest of his life."

Christina grew worried after she heard Charles's remark. She burst into tears. Her face reddened and her sobs were weak. She only managed to stop her tears when they reached the gate of the North City Hospital.

Christina then recognized a man at the hospital gate. The man walked into the hospital with a large bag full of stuff in his hand. She could only see the man's back, but Christina was certain that he was Sean.

"Charles, look! That man is Sean."

Charles then looked at where Christina pointed. As he expected, Sean was indeed at the hospital.

Charles nodded and decided to park the car. He and Christina rushed towards the service

that Hebe's eyes were filled with tears, so he took Christina's hand so that they could exit the room.

Christina became agitated because Sean wanted her to leave the room so badly.

She noticed the innocent look on Hebe's face. Christina got even more furious because Hebe looked like a helpless lady with tears in her eyes.

Christina then took off her left high-heeled shoe and held it in her hands. She then furiously threw it towards Hebe.

Hebe was hit by the shoes. She shrieked with pain and fell backwards to her bed.

Sean was startled. He screamed with a tone full of worry, "What are you doing? Christina, please stop. That's too much! We're at the hospital so please calm down."

"So what, Sean? Why are you angry at me? Are you taking that bitch's side?"

Christina's voice trembled as she lashed out at Sean. She glared at him with indifferent eyes. She couldn't believe that it was really Sean that was in front of her. She felt like he was stranger and the man she married wasn't there anymore.

"Christina, you're being unreasonable. Please listen to me! Why are you so unwilling to go out and have a talk?"

Christina's face reddened with anger. She looked at Hebe with eyes filled with fury. She then took off her other high-heeled shoe and threw it at Hebe's head. Hebe was startled and wasn't able to dodge. Blood dripped down slowly from Hebe's head as Hebe continued to cry.

Sean immediately rushed towards Hebe and supported her head. He grabbed his handkerchief and tried to apply pressure on the fresh wound. He said with a voice filled with concern, "Hebe, are you okay?"

"Sean, leave her be! I can hit her and punish her any way I want. I'm really furious right now. I can shut this hospital down if I want to."

Christina was the Lady of the powerful Mu Clan. She could punish anyone that she hated.

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