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   Chapter 902 Lying

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Christina had entered the password on the phone several times but it kept displaying an error message.

How could it be incorrect?

Sensing that something had gone terribly wrong, Christina felt her insides sink, a bitterness taking over her.

What did it mean when a man changed the password on his phone?

He must have a guilty conscience. Why would he change it otherwise? Half a year ago, Christina had cried and forced Sean to set her birthday as the unlock code to his phone.

Disbelieving, Christina tried to unlock the phone a few more times, but unsuccessfully.

She concluded that there must be something in the phone that Sean didn't want her to see and that was why he had changed his passcode.

Ten minutes later, Sean came out of the bathroom.

Christina put the phone back where it had been and pretended to have just woken up.

"You're home?" she asked, voice groggy.

"Yes, I'm back. Why are you still awake?" Sean smiled at her.

He climbed into bed and tucked the quilt around them both. Christina wasn't always in good health. She was prone to get a cold if she didn't blanket herself at night.

But she always kicked the quilt off in her sleep.

"I was sleeping but the sound of the shower woke me. How's your friend? Is your friend okay?" Christina asked.

Sean nodded his head and said, "My friend is fine. It's just the car that crashed."

"Who is this friend of yours? Is it anyone I know?" Christina probed.

"No, it isn't," Sean replied.

"Is it a male friend or female?" she shot him another question.

Sean frowned at her question but answered without thinking, "It's a guy from work."

"Go to sleep now, babe. I have to go to work early tomorrow morning," Sean added before Christina could ask him any more questions.

He then turned his back to Christina and fell asleep. Watching Sean's back, Christina couldn't help but cry in silence. She couldn't fall asleep all night.

The next morning, Sean left home early.

Christina called Charles a little while after Sean had left.

ates of the Public Security Bureau," Christina sobbed silently.

She was trying her best to hold it back. She didn't want Charles to hear her crying.

"Okay. Stay there. I'm on my way," Charles said and hung up.

He wouldn't let his cousin deal with such a problem alone. A woman of the Mu Clan had suffered such a great injustice. He, as the eldest son of the clan, must come out and solve it like a man.

Charles got to the Public Security Bureau within half an hour and picked up his cousin.

On his way there, he had someone check the monitoring on the urban roads and found out that Sean had gone to the North City Hospital.

"Let's go. Sean's at the North City Hospital,"

Charles said as he waited for Christina to get into his car.

"North City Hospital? Yesterday, he told me that a friend of his had had a car accident, but that nothing happened. Just the car had crashed." Christina was confused.

"That means he was lying. We'll find out what happened when we get there," Charles answered.

If he had guessed right, this most likely had something to do with Hebe. Charles was ready to find out the truth.

This problem shouldn't have been held off for such a long time. But come what may, Christina would have to face it now.

Tears welled in her eyes, but Christina managed to keep herself from crying in front of her cousin.

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