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   Chapter 901 Looking Into Sean's Phone

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9125

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Since Christina didn't want to fight with Sean at the airport where there were so many people, she turned around and left wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes.

Sean immediately ran after her. Christina ran out of the airport without carrying her own bag which contained all of her stuff. Thus, Sean was worried that Christina wouldn't be able to go home since she didn't have her phone or wallet with her.

As he was running after her, he started to regret saying those unkind words a while ago.

To make the situation worse than it already was, it started raining outside of the PD Airport.

Both Sean and Christina didn't have umbrellas but Christina continued running, so Sean did as well. When Christina ran into the rain, Sean immediately caught up to her and grasped her hand, pulling her inside the airport.

"Let go of me," Christina cried out.

"Calm down first. Let's go back home and then we can talk there," Sean said, trying to calm her down.

"I will not go back with you. Just get your hands off me." Christina struggled to free herself from Sean.

Sean wasn't willing to release Christina from his grip but she kept on twisting her arms so he would let go of her. Losing his patience a little, Sean carried Christina in his arms and made his way towards the underground parking lot.

Christina was slender, so Sean carried her effortlessly.

"Wipe the rainwater off of you," Sean stated as soon as he entered the car. Sean handed Christina a pack of tissue for her to wipe off the rainwater. Even though it didn't rain heavily, Christina still got wet after staying in the rain for a long time.

After Christina took the tissue, she threw it towards Sean's face very hard.

Sean felt a mild shooting pain in his forehead after the pack of tissue hit him.

"What are you doing?" Sean asked with a frown.

"Tell me. Do you hook up with a different woman every time you go outside or do you have a mistress?" Christina couldn't control it anymore and asked Sean directly.

"I've already told you that I don't have an affair with any other woman." Sean turned to stare at Christina to show his sincerity.

He really didn't know how to explain the whole situation to her.

He hadn't come up with a good way to let Christina know about the truth. Besides, Christina was pregnant with his baby and he didn't have the heart to disappoint her or cause pain to her.

"Really? Are you telling the truth?" Christina asked.

Sean nodded in response.

"Okay. I'm sorry that I spoke to you so rudely just now. I should not suspect you. You might also know that since I'm pregnant, I lose my temper very easily these days," Christina calmly stated.

She took Sean's arm and then looked into h

ina could do so she went back to her bedroom.

When Sean got out of their house, he felt very nervous. He felt something bad would happen. But since Hebe said that she had an accident, Sean had to rush to the hospital immediately.

After he reached there, he saw Hebe lying on the hospital bed, looking pale. He felt so sorry for her at that moment.

"Hebe, what happened to you?" Sean asked, taking Hebe's hand.

"I'm fine," she struggled to say.

"What did the doctor say?" Sean started to ask.

"The doctor said that some of my soft tissues are injured, but I will recover soon as long as I spend some time taking a rest," Hebe explained.

Sean kept Hebe company for a long time.

When it was past midnight, Hebe urged Sean to go back home.

"It's very late now. Your wife might be suspicious of you. I don't want to destroy your marriage, so you should go back right now," Hebe tried to persuade him.

"Okay. I'll take the day off to keep you company tomorrow. You should stay and have a rest here tonight," Sean said before he left.

If he still didn't go back, he thought that perhaps Christina would really be suspicious of his behaviors. He planned to ask for leave tomorrow and go to the hospital to stay with Hebe. Otherwise, Hebe would be very pitiful and lonely if no one came to visit or look after her.

When Sean arrived home, it was already 1 o'clock in the early morning.

He found that Christina had turned off the lights and had gone to sleep. So Sean took off his watch, put down his phone and went to take a shower.

When she heard the water running from the bathroom, Christina suddenly opened her eyes.

She saw Sean's phone at the bedside table and didn't hesitate to reach for it.

She tried to unlock it by typing Sean's previous phone password, her birthday.

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