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   Chapter 900 Confronting

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Hebe smiled to herself and shook her head. "Nothing happened," she said. Then she gently nudged Hannah away with her hand to return to her desk.

But Hannah wanted to know very much about Hebe's affair with Sean, so she followed Hebe and looked for ways to get her to talk about it again.

She saw Hebe's face when she stepped out of Sean's office. Her eyes were red and puffy and she had obviously been crying. Hannah knew something might have happened and she couldn't wait to get all the details from Hebe.

"Did you break up with him? You can't do that, Hebe. You've sacrificed so much and you shouldn't just let Sean get off that easily. You've been with him for so long!"

Hannah and Hebe were very close friends, and Hebe felt comfortable talking to Hannah about her relationship with Sean. That was why Hannah knew about their affair.

But Hebe had no idea that Hannah had a big mouth.

Hannah couldn't keep a secret to herself, especially when it came to affairs.

And now, everyone in the office knew about her and Sean, thanks to Hannah and her big mouth.

Everyone loved the juiciness of Hebe and Sean's affair, and they had discussed it a lot with each other.

Of course, they'd never talk about the affair in front of Sean, their leader.

That was why Sean had no idea that everyone in their office knew about his affair with Hebe.

"I really don't want to give up, but I don't think there's anything more I can do," Hebe sighed.

She pushed Hannah, who had joined her at her desk, away and ran off.

Hannah ran after Hebe. She quickened her pace so she could catch up to her friend. "Hebe, wait! Hold on!"

In his office, Sean had a hard time focusing on his work. He tried to read some of the files on his desk but after he kept repeating one sentence five times, he still could not comprehend it. Maybe because he hadn't been sleeping well lately. He transferred to the couch in his office and closed his eyes.

It was past 8 PM when he woke up.

He was totally surprised.

Christina was scheduled to arrive at the airport in about half an hour.

He feared that he might not make it on time. He grabbed his jacket and keys and ran out of the door. As soon as he stepped inside his car, he sped off toward the PD International Airport.

SH city was a very big city and it was known for its heavy traffic at night.

This was a problem. There were too many cars on the road even when it wasn't rush hour.

Sean had been trying to make his way through the traffic as he cut his way through, but his c

cheating on you. I have never and will never cheat on you!" Christina began to cry and Sean didn't know what to do. He had already made up his mind that he would end things with Christina.

But now he couldn't stand to see her cry.

"Are you lying?" Christina found it hard to believe Sean.

"I have nothing to hide, darling. I don't know what this mark is. Maybe it was from the cake I had this afternoon. There was red cream on it. Maybe that's it." Sean made up a story in a hurry. That was the only plausible explanation he could think of right now.

"Take it off when we get home. I'm going to check exactly what it is," Christina instructed Sean. She sensed something wrong with him, especially since he wouldn't look at her while he spoke.

"Look, you're making a big deal out of nothing. Don't you just trust me?" Sean asked with a raised voice. Everyone definitely had their eyes on them now when he began to shout.

Christina gasped. "Sean Zhang, I can't believe you just shouted at me!" She threw her handbag at him in anger.

"Show some respect! Everyone is already looking! Stop making a scene here. We'll talk when we get home. When you don't get what you want, you always lose your temper. When will you stop being so childish? Why can't you be nice? Why can't you be nice like other women?" Sean questioned Christina.

Tears rolled down Christina's cheeks.

"Why are you comparing me to other women? Just be honest and tell me. Are you cheating on me?" "Why don't you just trust me?" Sean asked.

"How can I trust you when you keep lying to me?" Christina retorted. "I've told you already. I am not cheating on you!" Sean shouted the denial, turning his face away.

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