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   Chapter 899 Getting Pregnant

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When Sean left the Mu Clan's villa, he was very agitated and indignant because Linda wasn't willing to do him a favor and keep his affair with Hebe a secret from Christina.

He decided to visit the house to meet Linda today because he knew that Charles wasn't at home.

He didn't dare see Charles and also didn't know how to explain the whole thing to him. He was sure that Charles would just be disappointed in him.

He could only have the courage to meet Linda and ask her to help him.

When he entered his car, he suddenly received a phone call from Hebe.

"Sean, how is it going? How are you? Is Lady Linda willing to help you? Will she be willing to keep our secret to your wife?" It was Hebe who asked Sean to beg Linda not to tell anyone about their affair. She was confident that as long as Sean begged her, Linda would agree to help him.

"Charles already knows about it. There is nothing I can do to avoid that." Sean sighed deeply.

Sean's phone suddenly rang again and another person was calling him this time. The moment he found out that Christina was the one who was calling him, he was startled. His heart missed a beat.

"I should hang up the phone first. My wife is calling me right now."

Sean hung up the phone on Hebe and answered Christina's call.

As soon as he slid the answer button and put the phone near his ear, he heard Christina's angry voice.

"Who did you talk with over the phone just now?" she snapped at him.

"It was just one of my colleagues. He was just asking me a question about work," he replied.

"Aren't you at work now? Why do you have to speak to your colleague on the phone?"

Christina's annoying questions made Sean very upset and even more agitated.

He felt really guilty at the same time.

"The one I talked to on the phone doesn't work at my office. He is in another branch of the Public Security Bureau. He was asking advice about a case." Sean casually made up an excuse just to ease Christina's mind.

"Okay. I'm in the airport right now and I'm going to go back home. I want to tell you a good news. You can guess first what kind of good news it is. I got the news during the physical examination in the UK."

While uttering those words on the other end of the line, Christina seemed to be in a very good mood.

"What sort of good news?" Sean asked.

"The doctor said that my physical condition has gotten better and after a half years' worth of careful nursing, it's easy for me to get pregnant now!" Christina remarked excitedly.

"Oh, that's great. I am glad to hear that, Honey." Sean didn't pay too much attention to her words at all because his mind was wandering.

"Besides, Sean... I'm pregnant now! We are going to be parents! I am so happy! We can finally start a family!"


hild, right? Now she is finally pregnant. You should be happy about that."

"Hebe... I am so sorry for everything."

Hebe was so nice and reasonable. She never asked Sean to marry her and it made Sean very grateful to her but also very guilty.

He thought that he disappointed her all this time and that he never brought happiness to her even though she gave birth to their son.

Sometimes, Sean wondered whether he should have had ended his marriage with Christina sooner. If he made up his mind and divorced Christina sooner, he might have gotten a chance to be together with Hebe now and he wouldn't have had to break her heart today.

If he did that a long time ago, he wouldn't have had to let Hebe wait for him for so long and end up being disappointed.

"Do you have time tonight? Let's go and see our son," Hebe said with a smile.

Sean shook his head and replied, "I'm sorry. I can't go meet our son with you today because my wife is going back home from the UK. Her flight will arrive in about three hours and she asked me to pick her up at the airport."

There was a disappointed expression in Hebe's eyes when Sean was finished with his words. It made Sean feel so sorry for her.

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

Before he was even finished speaking, Hebe stretched out her hand to cover Sean's lips.

Then she hugged Sean and buried her head in his chest. "Don't say sorry to me. If she is back today, you should go pick her up. Our son and I will miss you. I love you forever."

They hugged each other for a long time.

After half an hour, Hebe stepped out of Sean's office.

Of course their colleagues kept on talking about them in whispers.

Hannah Qin who had a good relationship with Hebe couldn't help but ask, "How's your conversation with Sean? Was he willing to divorce his wife to be together with you?"

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