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   Chapter 898 I Beg You

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Charles nodded and patted Linda's head affectionately. Then with a sweet smile on his lips, he said to Linda, "Wow! Little girl, you are so clever!"

"Don't call me a little girl! I'm a grown ass adult! I am also your children's mother. I am not a little girl," Linda said while smiling.

"Okay. But you need to promise me that you will not meddle in this matter. I will deal with it myself the proper way," Charles replied.

Since Charles asked her not to meddle in that, Linda decided not to talk about it with him anymore.

Linda also couldn't be bothered to meddle in it any longer.

It was meaningless for her to worry that Sean had an affair with another woman.

When Charles decided to stop talking about the issue, Linda also stopped thinking about it.

However, even though Linda didn't want to get involved in this matter, Sean still decided to come over to look for her. Speaking to Sean was the last thing that she wanted to do.

A servant came into Linda's room and said, "My Lady, a guest named Sean Zhang is currently waiting for you outside. Would you like me to prepare tea or juice for your guest?"

Linda was so startled to learn that Sean went to see her that she was adamant to dare see him. She didn't want to meddle in the matter of his affair. She did not want to see Sean in a while.

"Please go and inform him that I'm not currently at home,"

Linda responded while waving her hand.

However, she didn't expect Sean to insist on waiting for her at their gate. His decision made her so surprised and anxious. She really didn't want to meet with Sean at all. After a long while however, she had decided to let the servant lead Sean inside the house to speak to him.

"Linda, thank you for agreeing to meet with me,"

Sean greeted as soon as he entered the house. She couldn't help but notice that he became a bit pale and haggard during these past few days. His usually handsome face was etched with worry.

"Hi, Sean. Please take a seat. What is it that you wanted to talk to me about?" Linda told the servant to prepare a cup of tea for them while they talked.

Sean ignored the tea that the servant offered to him and looked directly at Linda. He sat down next to Linda and said suddenly, "Linda, let's just get to the point. I'm sure that you might have already figured out the reason why I came here today to speak with you."

"Sorry, but I'm not so sure of what you are talking about. Can you please explain?"

The only thing that Linda could do now was to pretend that she did not know anything. She really didn't want to get involved in this matter any longer. However, she had no way to avoid it now.

It was clear that Sean saw Linda that day.

Linda suddenly thought that she was acting so silly.

She shouldn't have gone to the Public Security Bureau's gate to spy on Sean that day. It was all her fault that she was now in this mess.

Because of what she did, she was discovered by Sean. She became involved

lead with him? Can you please not to tell Christina about it? Please! I'm begging the both of you."

"I can't meddle in what Charles is going to do. If you want to plead him, you can do that on your own. It's useless for you to talk to me about it."

Linda flatly refused him.

A man would always be a bastard as long as he kept on having an affair for whatever reason.

As for Sean's affair, he seemed to have had his own worries and reason for doing it, but Linda could see that he liked Hebe and cared about her a lot. Otherwise, he would not be in a relationship with her at all. When he first found out that Hebe was pregnant with his child, Sean could have chosen to give Hebe some money and ask her to raise their child on her own but Sean didn't do that. He decided to be together with her until now.

Since their affair was now discovered, they were in an embarrassing situation.

"Linda, Please. I beg you. Can't you just do me this one favor?"

"It's useless to beg, Sean. Do you know that you are just putting me in a very bad situation? What about your child with Hebe? How are you going to treat him? Your child is already five years old now! Do you even have a plan for his future? I think you just want to stay together with Hebe!" Linda seethed with rage when she heard Sean's request. She would never be willing to help him sort out the mess he had got himself into. After all, what he wanted Linda to do was totally against her will. She could never do such a thing to Christina.

Sean was silent after hearing Linda's words.

After half an hour, he decided to leave.

Linda didn't agree to help him do anything that he was begging for her to do.

The Spring Festival was just over. However, such an unpleasant thing still happened. It disturbed the peacefulness of the Mu Clan.

Christina's mother was Charles's aunt and she died many years ago.

James, Charles's father, felt pity for Christina and took care of her ever since her mother died.

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