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   Chapter 897 What Was Her Intention

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At that moment, Charles had not returned yet so Linda called Bun to ask her something about Christina. However, Bun didn't answer the phone. A little later, Anna came over to spend time with Linda.

Without anything to do that afternoon, Anna prepared bird's nest congee for Linda.

When she saw that Linda had come home, she brought it to her, knowing that Linda might be aching all over after spending the whole day learning how to drive.

"My Lady, does your waist ache? Do you need me to give you a massage?"

Anna offered Linda.

Upon hearing Anna, Linda noticed the pain in her waist. She then lay down on the sofa and let Anna massage her. Being a doctor, Anna was good at massaging. She was able to find out the accurate acupoints to massage Linda's aching waist with her hands.

Every time she pressed Linda's acupoint skillfully, Linda felt much more comfortable.

"That feels so comfortable. Can you move your hands up a bit from my waist?" Linda said softly.

"Okay! My Lady," Anna dutifully responded.

Just then, Linda remembered that Anna had been working for the Mu Clan for many years which made her wonder whether she knew Christina.

Linda had never seen Christina even though she had been married to Charles for so long.

For Linda, Christina seemed to be a little mysterious.

"By the way, Anna, have you ever seen Christina, Charles's cousin?" Linda tried to ask as casually as she could.

Without stopping on massaging Linda, Anna nodded and replied, "Yes. But I've only seen her several times."

In reality, Christina was the daughter of Charles's auntie. Since Charles's auntie died very early, Christina had to have a life alone. When she was still a kid, she had a close relationship with Charles. So after her mother died, Charles treated her very well.

Anna felt a bit confused upon hearing Linda ask her about Christina.

"What's the matter, My Lady? Why do you ask me this matter?" Anna asked curiously.

Linda hesitated for a short while and didn't tell Anna about the fact that Sean had an affair. After all, such a shameful thing should not be spread among people. And Sean might also not want his affair to be known to all. Thus, Linda planned to talk about it with Charles when he came back.

"It's nothing. I was just curious. It's just I have never seen her even after Charles and I have been married for so long," Linda explained.

Anna smiled and responded, "It's normal for you not to see her. I've heard that since she isn't in good condition, she always rests at home to be nursed back to healt

person she was.

What was Hebe's true intentions?

Linda had no clear idea about it.

"It turns out that they have been together for over five years, but I haven't discovered it until now," Charles told himself as he wore a wry smile. He sat on the sofa as he contemplated the situation more.

In fact, Charles had already noticed something strange before. Even after Christina and Sean got married for so long, they didn't have children of their own. Charles figured at that time that this matter might affect their marriage. Now, the reality was slapping them in the face and it hit right at Christina.

Charles felt pity towards Christina. Currently, she was being given treatment in the UK to improve her health so that she could get pregnant. She might have never expected that Sean had been cheating on her for more than five years.

"I feel that there's something weird about Hebe," Linda said to Charles as she walked up to him and sat beside him on the sofa.

Charles gently raised his eyebrows.

"What's wrong with her? Can you share your opinion with me?" Charles asked her.

Without hesitation, Linda started, "Sean has married into the Mu Clan and lives off your clan's resources, right? In this case, you can ruin his image and take away everything he owns after his affair is discovered. If so, what could Hebe get from him after he becomes a poor disgraced nobody? It seems like she's trying to destroy Sean and Christina's marriage, but she wouldn't be able to lead a good life after being together with Sean. Once Sean and Christina get a divorce, Sean can't be the Director of the Public Security Bureau anymore. After that, Hebe would have a hard life if she stays with him."

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