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   Chapter 895 Sweet Woman

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7261

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Linda hadn't stopped at the Public Security Bureau just because she wanted to rest for a while.

After learning that Sean might have been cheating on Christina, she hadn't been able to sleep well the previous night.

She wanted to learn the truth.

Had Sean really been cheating on Christina?

Sean had always seemed to be such a nice guy and this made Linda even more curious about what had gone wrong, if it had.

"It's almost lunchtime. I can go and buy you something to eat. Or do you want to grab a bite together at a nearby restaurant?" asked Consuela.

"It's so kind of you, Consuela. It would be great if you could buy me something to eat. I really do want to have a rest. Thank you."

"That's alright. I know a place nearby that has the best braised pork balls with brown sauce. I can go and buy it for you but there might be a line there. Can you wait for me in the car? It's going to take me half an hour to get it," Consuela said.

She glanced at her watch as she spoke.

Linda thought it great that Consuela had left her alone for half an hour, so there was enough time for her to investigate Sean. This was a family scandal. If Sean had been cheating on Christina, she didn't want other people to know about it.

Now all Linda wanted to do was to confirm whether Sean had been cheating or not.

Five minutes after Consuela left, Linda saw Sean walk out of the police station.

He wasn't wearing a uniform, which could either be because he wasn't on duty or that he had changed his clothes for lunch.

Someone was walking alongside him. Craning her neck to see who it was, Linda realized that it was the woman that Linda had seen yesterday.

They were acting like colleagues and didn't say much to each other.

Linda couldn't understand what Sean saw in Hebe. Hebe wasn't a good looking woman. If Sean just wanted to have some fun, why hadn't he gone for someone prettier? Like a slut who also only looked for fun?

Men cared a lot about appearances, didn't they? Besides, Sean was a very good looking guy.

Linda knew that Sean's family had been very poor. He had worked really hard to improve his living conditions and get to wh

tor of the Public Security Bureau. Sean was afraid that if Charles found out about his affair, he would be so angry that he would make sure he lost his job. There was a good chance he would do that!

Sean became both worried and angry when the thought of losing his job crossed his mind.

"Sean, I'm not pressuring you. That's okay. I can wait for you. Even if you're not divorcing your wife, I won't mind. I haven't gotten a divorce yet either. I'll wait. I'll divorce my husband as soon as you decide to get a divorce from your wife," said Hebe sincerely.

Sean was too worried to listen to what Hebe was saying now. But the softness of her voice was so comforting. It pierced through his worry and made him feel a little better.

Hebe's understanding reminded him of his wife. If his wife had been half as sweet as Hebe, he might not have had an affair and might not have wanted a divorce. And he wouldn't be caught in a dilemma like he was now.

He had to choose between his career and his love.

One of the biggest reasons why Sean had married Christina was because he wanted to advance quickly in his career with the help of her family.

Even though Christina was a willful woman, Sean had indeed fallen in love with her back then.

They had been married for six years and with time, things had changed slowly but steadily. Christina had become bad-tempered in recent years, making it harder and harder to get along with her.

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