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   Chapter 894 Sean Had An Affair

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7249

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Since Linda wasn't familiar with Sean, she just watched him silently instead of going over to greet him.

She took a careful look at the woman who was with Sean at the moment.

For some reason, she had a feeling that this woman wasn't Christina, Charles's cousin.

This woman wasn't pretty or special at all. She had neither a charming face nor a curvaceous figure.

However, Linda didn't think too much about it. After all, she knew that ever since Sean had married into the Mu Clan, he basically lived off them.

Since he stood to benefit from his marriage with Christina, he probably didn't care whether Christina was pretty or ugly. Besides, it was entirely possible that Christina wasn't a beautiful woman. She wasn't Charles's own sister, after all, and might not share his good genes.

After Consuela came back to the car, Linda stopped pondering over the matter and ate some food. Then, she continued to practice her driving.

She spent the whole day learning how to drive with Consuela's help, so when she finally got back home in the evening, she felt her body aching all over.

When Charles came back and saw Linda lying on the sofa motionless, he felt amused.

He walked up to her and gave her a pat on the butt. "Babe, why are you lying here in such a funny pose?"

"Hey, dear, you're back! Give me a waist massage right now. I feel so tired after going for my driving class today."

Charles sat down on the sofa and gently massaged the aching muscles in Linda's waist. Linda felt much more comfortable after a few moments.

Charles didn't want others to touch his wife, so he had learned a few massage techniques in order to personally give her a massage. Whenever Linda felt her body ache, he would drop everything he was doing and massage her aching muscles.

No one would expect that the CEO of the Mu's Group would be willing to do such a thing for his wife.

"Oh, right, dear, I saw Sean and Christina today."

"Oh? Really?" Charles asked in disbelief.

"What's the matter? Is there something wrong? I saw them when Consuela went to buy some food. I just watched them from my car without going over to greet them. Sean had h

her clan members made a concession and consented to their marriage. It had been a great shock to the whole family at that time.

Linda sighed and thought about how easily a man could become a bad guy once he had the power.

When Sean was just an ordinary policeman, he had probably treated Christina very well. That must be why Christina had fallen so hard for him. Women always tended to fall for men who were nice to them. In the past, Sean must have been a very nice guy.

However, no matter how nice he had been before, what he was doing now would be a terrible blow to Christina once she found out. Linda and Charles decided that if Sean kept cheating on Christina like this, they would make him pay for what he was doing. Charles was the one who had helped Sean get the position of the Director of the Public Security Bureau in the first place, so he could take it away from Sean just as easily.

The next day, Linda went to the same place to practice driving.

She suddenly realized that the Public Security Bureau was nearby and that Hebe Zhang and Sean might come out together again to have lunch at noon.

So, she deliberately parked the car right next to the Public Security Bureau's gate.

Consuela was confused by Linda's behavior.

"Linda, why are you parking the car here now? Are you hungry?"

Linda nodded. "Yes, I'm a little hungry. Let's take some rest for a while and then get out of the car to have lunch."

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