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   Chapter 893 Sean

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Linda went back to the Xia Clan's residence with two suitcases full of money.

Johnson and Donna, who were waiting at the gate for Linda to return, were startled as they saw her carrying the two suitcases and hurried up to her.

"Where's Derek?" Donna asked.

"He has been taken back to the police station."

"That's good."

Although Donna seemed calm as she spoke, Linda could see that her heart was breaking for Derek. Learning that Derek had been arrested again was obviously putting her in a sour mood.

Linda suddenly considered whether she should let Derek off and give him one more chance to

turn over a new leaf.

"Linda, even though it is not appropriate for Derek to run away this time, please don't blame him for escaping. They might add to his sentence otherwise,"

Donna said, taking Linda's hand after a short hesitation.

Donna cared about Derek because he was her brother, her blood. No matter how many evil things Derek did, Donna couldn't bring herself to hate him.

"Don't worry. I get it." Linda smiled at Donna, clasping Donna's hand in hers.

Despite everything, or maybe because of everything, she was surprised to feel Donna's hand trembling.

"Lady Donna, Derek is unpardonably wicked, so you don't have to plead mercy for him," Dragon remarked.

"I don't mean to intercede for Derek..." Donna was hesitant, not knowing how to put what she wanted to say in words. She was hoping that Linda could give Derek another chance. Derek had behaved himself during the Spring Festival. During this period, he had only gotten involved in the unpleasant events that had occurred in the Mu Clan's old house. Otherwise, he had held admirable conduct throughout.

Besides, it was not Derek's fault that the unexpected farce at the Mu Clan's old house had happened.

It was obvious that someone had played a trick on him. Donna was too clever not to figure it out.

"You don't have to say anything else, mother. I understand that. I will not let Derek get additional punishment this time. He will only have to serve his original sentence," Linda said.

She added as an afterthought, "And before he is sent to jail, I will make sure he comes over to meet you again."


s and the 'art' of driving.

"Linda, how about practising driving on the road again today? You haven't practised it for some time since the accident last time. You should get familiar with the steering wheel," Consuela said to Linda, as she settled into the passenger's seat.

Linda nodded. She liked practising driving on the road as it was easy for her. She also knew that after she passed Driving Test Two, it might be easier for her to pass Driving Test Three if she had enough practice on the road. And Linda could successfully pass the test as long as she didn't break traffic regulations as she drove along the road.

Linda practised for about half an hour, as Consuela patiently told what she needed to pay attention to while driving. Linda was the only learner today, which was probably why Consuela was so patient. But it pleased Linda nevertheless.

At noon, Linda's stomach rumbled in hunger. Consuela asked Linda to pull over and then got out to get some food for her.

Linda sat in the car, fidgeting. Her hunger made sure that she wasn't particular about food at the moment and she knew that she would eat whatever Consuela got for her. But when Consuela returned, Linda's eyes caught sight of a familiar face, Sean.

He was standing on the roadside with a woman who wore her hair short and a coat over her regular clothes. He put his arms around her as they chatted happily.

Linda was confused, wondering whether the woman was Charles's cousin.

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