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   Chapter 891 Arrest

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Derek ran away taking 500, 000 along with him because he knew that Linda would never let him off that easily if he was caught.

At that moment he hated Linda so much and he had no choice but to escape. Since he had run away, he couldn't lead a peaceful life like a normal person any longer. Even if he changed his appearance and lived in disguise, he still wouldn't be able to live in big cities like SH City.

SH City was an internationalized, bustling metropolis, so Derek had a good life there in the past. He had no idea whether he could be used to the lifestyle in remote villages and live with the poor.

He kept on believing that it was Linda who forced him to leave SH City and

make a living in another city.

With this in mind, Derek felt very morose and indignant.

The ship sailed away but the wind was really strong and the waves were huge. It rocked the ship from side to side causing people to feel uncomfortable and a little dizzy.

Aside from that, Derek got mixed feelings as he watched SH City get gradually farther away from him.

He got more and more agitated at the thought of that. And it didn't help that he felt dizzy because of the ship's unstable sailing. To soothe his mood, he decided to go inside the ship cabin.

With this journey, he was headed for

a very small and poor town in A City.

The communication network and signal of that place were substandard so Derek concluded that the cost of living would be very low and that 500, 000 was enough for him to live there for the rest of his life.

Although Derek also considered that he might be arrested one day, he was very unwilling to be taken back to jail and receive punishment again.

The moment Linda figured out where Derek was, she immediately asked Bun to send some policemen to arrest him. She was furious at the fact that Derek ran away. As far as Linda was concerned, Derek should pay for what he had done before. After all, the police and the law were made to keep the peace of the world, so everyone ought to obey the law and should not resist the police.

After Derek took an afternoon nap for about an hour, he was woken up by noises atop the ship. He immediately rose from the bed when he realized that the noises were police whistles. He was scared, confused and in panic.

He was close to running away forever. How could they find him at this moment?

'Why won't Linda let me off the hook?' Derek questioned.

With this in mind, he flew into a great rage.

He hid in the cabin, not daring to get out but thinking about all the possible ways he could escape.

The police searched the ship thoroughl

more. He felt a muscle spasm in his stomach after he was kicked by Sean very hard, which made him very uncomfortable.

"Linda, we will take Derek away. Thank you for your help today. You should go back soon as well. You may catch a cold if you spend a long time staying out here with the winds as cold and strong like this," Sean remarked, patting Linda on the shoulder.

Linda nodded and responded, "Okay. Thank you so much for your concern."

After half an hour, they were back at the docks. When Linda got out of the yacht, she heard Derek call out her name. She shouted back to tell him to stop.

Right then, it struck Linda that

the money that Derek smuggled was still on the ship which was headed for A City.

"Go back to that ship again! Dragon, come with me," Linda turned and ordered Sam who was waiting at the river bank.

Sam nodded and followed Linda to the yacht. Anna also went with them.

The ship had left for over an hour, but luckily, their yacht moved in a rather faster speed and they caught up with the ship after about one hour.

After they managed to stop the ship, Linda, Sam, and Anna boarded it.

"Miss, what else can I do for you?" the captain of the ship asked Linda the moment he caught sight of her.

He guessed that Linda might work as a policewoman because there was a logo of the police printed on the yacht.

"We arrested a man just now and his luggage is still on his bed, so I come over here to take it," Linda answered.

"Oh, okay. The man's room is occupied by several other people right now. But you can go and have a look."

Then the captain added in a low voice, "You must be careful. Those men who are in that room seem to be members of the HT Organization. Don't provoke them."

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