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   Chapter 890 Derek Ran Away

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Victoria held her hand out to Anna, thinking that Anna would help her get up. However, Anna walked right past her without any hesitation.

Victoria fumed at Anna's behavior.

"Anna, what are you doing? You stupid bitch! Come here and help me get up!" she roared.

But Anna continued to ignore her.

'What an arrogant and willful bitch! I don't even want to see her, ' Anna thought to herself.

A week passed in the blink of an eye. Linda was quite happy during this Spring Festival. If it hadn't been for Victoria, it would have been a perfect holiday.

Johnson and Donna left the Mu Clan's old house on the third day of the Lunar New Year. Although it was a tradition for family members to spend the first seven days of the year together, it wasn't necessary for all the members of Xia Clan and Mu Clan to stay together for a whole week.

As for Lord Nalan, Linda had taken him back to the Mu Clan's residence to spend the holiday together.

On the eighth day, all the servants of the Xia Clan came back from their reunions.

Johnson was in a very good mood and was planning to give all the servants a big annual bonus.

On top of that, he wanted to have a lottery draw.

He had already gone to the bank and withdrawn 500, 000 in cash. Then, he had put all the cash inside a glass box for the lottery draw the next day.

It was a reward for everybody's hard work in the last year.

The servants were ecstatic when they found out about the lottery draw. After all, this was the first time that Lord Xia was having a lottery draw. Who knew that he would be so generous this year! The lucky winner would get 500, 000 in cash. Even if they worked really hard for ten years, they would barely be able to save up 100, 000, let alone 500, 000.

However, things didn't go as planned. The next day, Johnson woke up to find the glass box empty. All the cash inside it was gone.

And so was Derek.

Donna was annoyed. Why did Derek always do such wicked things? How could he run away with the money? She was the one who had begged Linda again and again to get Derek out of prison so that he could celebrate the festival with his family. How could he do this to her after everything

ng the past few days, he had taken a chance to tell Donna that he wanted to go back to his house for a while because he missed being there.

Donna's heart had softened upon hearing him beg and she had agreed. Johnson had sent someone along with Derek to his house, but Derek had found his fake ID cards without being seen by anyone. After all, he had been in his own turf and had known how to sneak around there.

Now, on the ship, Derek was in his cabin sitting on the bed and looking at the view outside through the window.

The ship had already left the dock and was drifting away.

'The hell with SH City! I'm leaving!' Derek thought to himself.

He knew that Linda would take him back to the prison once the holiday ended and that he would have to go back to a life of endless darkness and boredom. He just wanted to leave this horrible place to seek another way of living.

He didn't want to be a prisoner again. He wanted to leave and live a dignified life, but he knew that Linda wouldn't allow him to as long as he was in her sight. His only way out was to steal some money and run away.

Looking at the two suitcases that were filled with cash put Derek in a good mood. When he reached a new city, he would do some small business with this money, like running a small store which would be enough to make a living. He would change his identity as well as his appearance so that nobody would ever recognize him or trace his whereabouts again.

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