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   Chapter 889 It Was Charles's Plan

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Charles stared at Linda with a playful gaze. His hand then held hers as his mouth burst into laughter.

He then pulled her hand to his mouth and kissed it.

"Honey, there is no one that can outsmart you. You are so clever that you can immediately figure out any secret."

"Of course. You shouldn't try to hide anything from me because I'll definitely find out the truth." Linda's voice was cheerful. She was really happy with Charles's praise.

Linda would feel delighted whenever Charles would compliment her. Her face reflected a lively smile as the love of her life appreciated her.

"So was it your idea to direct Derek to Victoria's bedroom and let him have sex with her?" Linda asked as she tried to contain a chuckle.

Charles simply nodded without a word.

"Oh my God!"

Linda was dumbfounded. She sat beside Charles in silence as if to lament about the terrible night of Victoria.

Linda believed that Victoria's plan was hideous and she should be punished. However, Charles's retaliation was ruthless. She thought that Charles had gone a little too far since Victoria was still a young lady after all.

Linda suddenly felt pity for Victoria. Her heart couldn't tolerate such a merciless act, unlike Charles. She might have punished Victoria too but she would resort to a more acceptable and less cruel method. She was terrified of how Charles's sanction was so malevolent.

However, even though Linda pitied Victoria, she also knew that Victoria was a despicable woman. Linda realized that she shouldn't blame Charles if he gave Victoria a rightful punishment.

"Dear, do not worry too much regarding this matter. It was Victoria's fault for trying to drug me at dinner. She's still somehow my sister so I intended to make this a teachable moment for her. I just hope that she would behave herself after this punishment."

Charles had always felt indebted to Victoria's father. His father was saved by Victoria's father before, so he felt the need to treat Victoria generously. If it wasn't because of her father's kind act, he might have already kicked Victoria out of his house.

Victoria was a greedy and childish person. She didn't care about anyone but herself and was prone to very rash and irresponsible actions. She was aware that Charles wasn't attracted to her but she still pursued him relentlessly, which displeased Charles even more.

"I understand. It's just that things might get out of hand. It's difficult to settle everything peacefully."

"It's ok. We don't have to worry about this matter anymore." Charles's tone was warm and cozy. He smiled and patted Linda's head to calm her.

At the same time, the other members of the family were still gathered in the living room. The atmosphere was filled with heavy tension and horrible hostility. Everyone could feel the anger and agony from a young lady.

"Father!" Victoria shouted with

her plan not only failed but also backfired to her in such a tragic way. She never expected that she would end up in a very miserable situation.

Anna saw how dejected Victoria was. She sighed and tried to help Victoria to stand up.

"Lady Victoria, let me help you stand up first. The floor is very cold and it would harm your health if you stay there."

Anna actually laughed silently at Victoria's misfortune. She thought that Victoria deserved such an outcome because she tried to drug Charles. However, Anna started to feel pity for Victoria when she saw her tragic situation. Anna began to see Victoria as a young woman who was deeply charmed by Charles.

However, Victoria suddenly swatted Anna's hands. She then violently pushed Anna's legs.

Anna lost her balance and fell down the floor. Her butt felt a sharp pain as she hit the ground.

"You…" Anna was about to scold Victoria when Victoria lashed out at her.

"Don't pretend to be nice to me! I know that you're on Linda's side. You support her in her efforts to antagonize me. Did you enjoy the show? You must have been very glad to see me in such a predicament, correct?"

Victoria had cried for a long time and her eyes were swollen and red. She stared at Anna who was frightened by the rage in Victoria's eyes.

"What are you talking about? If you don't want my help, just say so. I can leave you there and get out of here." Anna stood up and patted her ass. She showed Victoria that she was ready to leave. Anna became cranky because her clothes were dirtied. Her white dress became stained with dust because Victoria pushed her.

"Okay, come over here and help me."

Victoria's voice showed that she was still angry. She wanted to stand up but her legs went limp. She asked for Anna's help because she couldn't stand up on her own.

Anna glanced at Victoria and began to feel pity for her again. She smiled and walked towards Victoria.

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