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   Chapter 888 Who Did That

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Derek's words made Victoria feel even more insulted and outraged.

This time, he had gone too far. Although Victoria couldn't remember everything that happened last night, she could clearly recall that the one she made love with was Charles.

However, when she woke up in the morning, Derek was the one sleeping beside her. It sent a shiver down her spine, and made her heart skip several beats.

But after she got over her surprise, all she felt was raging anger.

Without any hesitation, she kicked the sleeping Derek out of bed.

The rash act woke Derek up from his deep slumber. Since he really wanted to sleep more, he couldn't help but be annoyed. He opened his eyes, and when he saw that Victoria was the one on the bed, he couldn't help but be shocked.

The scene was something he never expected to see.

But since Derek didn't drink too much last night, he could easily remember what he and Victoria did last night.

At the thought of this, Derek couldn't help but think that Victoria was such a dissolute and lustful woman.

"Since the matter has already happened, just let it go! Don't mention it to anyone from now on!" James spoke at last.

But Victoria was very furious. A man in his forties got inside her bedroom last night and had sex with her. She would not just let him off that easily!

With her feelings overcoming her, she cried hard and hugged James even harder. "Father! This disgusting guy has raped me! Have him punished! Send him to jail!"

In the middle of her sobs, she cast Derek angry glares.

Last night, Victoria truly mistook Derek for Charles. She even went ahead and French kissed him.

When she remembered this, she felt nauseated. It was really Derek who she was with last night, not Charles.

Thinking that she was with such a fat perverted middle-aged man made her insides turn.

It felt as if she was gonna throw up everything she ate last night.

Noticing that Victoria kept on crying out loud and shouting angrily, James turned to Derek.

He had a certain aversion towards him for as long as he could remember.

In his eyes, Derek was a good-for-nothing freeloader and had always caused trouble.

And even though James didn't meddle in any matter that concerned, he knew that Derek had tried to harm and betray Linda before. That made him hate him a lot more.

Now that Derek did such a shameful thing, especially with his daughter, James' hatred of him had significantly deepened.

"Derek, why did you go to Victoria's bedroom last night? You better explain everything to us," Paul started. "Have you

d carelessly, spilling her secret to everyone. It was a slip, but a strong confession nonetheless.

"Aphrodisiac? How did you know that the wine was mixed with an aphrodisiac?" Linda asked, a sly smile on her face.

Anna didn't mention aphrodisiac at all. She just said that there might be some kind of stimulating substance in the wine.

Victoria was speechless, shell-shocked. Her mouth became agape and her knees started to tremble.

James guessed that Linda hit the nail on the head. What she was saying was exactly what happened.

It turned out that Victoria asked for trouble and she deserved what happened to her.

She might have drugged the wine personally last night.

Though nothing was proven and there might be a different explanation as to what happened, it seemed that Victoria's poor choice of words convinced everyone that she was the mastermind behind everything.

"I was woken up so early this morning. I feel so sleepy right now. I need to go back to sleep. And since it's the Spring Festival, we should all make ourselves comfortable,"

Linda said, smiling and addressing everyone. Yawning, she took Charles' hand and they both made their way to their bedroom.

When they got to their bedroom, Linda closed the door and stared at Charles.

Charles also looked at Linda and smiled. "Dear, what's wrong?"

"Tell me the truth! Is it you who arranged the whole thing?" Linda asked.

"What? What do you mean?"

Charles was unwilling to admit any fault.

"It's useless lying to me, Charles," Linda said, her eyes squinted, and her tone pointed. "I've already guessed the whole thing. If you really have nothing to do with this matter, Paul would never meddle nor say anything!"

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