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   Chapter 887 An Unexpected Thing

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"What kind of wine is that? Can I have a taste of it?"

Derek asked when he saw that Victoria was about to put the bottle of wine away.

"No. You can't drink it," Victoria responded. She then told the servant to take the bottle away.

The said bottle of wine was very expensive and had been kept by Victoria for a long time. Besides, Victoria had put some aphrodisiac in it just for Charles. So, she really had to decline Derek's request.

"You're so mean," Derek whined as he shook his head. However, since he was determined to drink the wine, he decided to find where it would be placed later on to steal it and have a taste. He believed that Victoria might surely put it somewhere instead of carrying it with her all the time.

Derek had already made up his mind and would decisively take action late at night.

Pretty soon, late evening came. Now that there were many guest rooms in the Mu Clan's old house, all of them got their individual rooms to rest in.

Linda had a good time that night and was glad to celebrate the Spring Festival with Charles for the first time. While lying in Charles's arms and watching the fireworks dance in the sky, Linda felt very relaxed and calm.

Such a wonderful night like that gave her peace of mind.

"Honey, you're so beautiful," Charles uttered in a soft voice as he looked at Linda. After which, he held Linda in his arms more tightly.

Then, a puff of wind blew into the room, ruffling Linda's hair and making it a bit messy.

Nevertheless, she still looked very pretty.

"I will be by your side every Spring Festival from now on," Linda stated as she turned to look at Charles and placed her arms around him.

Charles nodded earnestly.

They ended the night with calm and contented hearts. However, only a few hours after, as the Spring Festival celebration still hung in the air, something unpleasant happened. Linda was woken up at about 9 o'clock in the next morning by a knock on her bedroom's door.

Still feeling drowsy, she opened her eyes and got out of bed to open the door, only to find out Anna standing outside of the bedroom.

"What's wrong?" Linda asked. The continuous knocks on the door made Linda very confused as she rubbed at her eyes in an attempt to shake off her sleepiness.

"My Lady, something is wrong," Anna responded.

'What could have possibly happened in the few hours that I slept?' Linda thought to herself. She stared at Anna curiously and saw that her eyes sparkled with a hint of amusement. She

cally stated. She felt very guilty. She just wanted to celebrate the Spring Festival with Derek, but she didn't expect him to be so reckless and sneak in Victoria's room at midnight and ruined her reputation.

Now that everything had happened, James could only sigh, not knowing what else to say.

"Father, how could you do this?" Lily Xie said with disgust on her face. She was very distressed at the shameful thing that her father had done.

She felt deeply ashamed of her father.

"I swear that I really didn't mean to molest or touch Lady Victoria. Last night, I just wanted to steal the wine and drink it. But I didn't know why I fainted after drinking the wine... When I woke up..." Derek tried to explain.

He was also very remorseful. Although he was not a good man, he knew what he should and shouldn't do in the Mu Clan's house. He knew that if he did such a disgraceful thing to Victoria and was discovered, he would definitely be punished by then. Just thinking of the terrible consequences, Derek would of course not take a risk in doing that.

Even if he was aggressive and eager to have sex with a woman, he would never do that with Victoria.

"You're a liar! Did I invite you into my bedroom? How could you appear on my bed at midnight? How could you still dare to defend yourself by telling a lie?" Victoria stressed on her every word. She got very angry so her face turned a bright red.

"Why would I lie to you? Yes, I'm much older than you but I have no interest in you at all. You're just a young woman who doesn't have a curvaceous figure. You don't even have full and large breasts and not even a tempting ass," Derek defended himself.

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