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   Chapter 886 An Idiot

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James really enjoyed fishing. It was his favorite hobby, and he even had a collection of fishing rods and baits. He lent Charles his fishing rod and bait because Charles wanted to go fishing with Brian.

James then saw Charles and Brian coming back together from the fishing trip. He approached Charles and asked to get his fishing rod back. Charles shook his head in embarrassment.

"Sorry. I forgot to bring it back with me." Charles' tone was sincere with a hint of guilt.

James was annoyed with Charles' bad news.

"You rascal! I've told you repeatedly to take care of my fishing rod, but you still lost it. You're up for a beating!" James berated Charles, but his tone was light and rather playful. He raised his foot as if to kick Charles' butt, and Charles giggled as he stepped aside.

James felt really happy with their little father-son interaction.

They were not like this when Charles was younger. He had always been stubborn and cold towards his friends and family. He was distant even with his parents.

However, his personality changed when Linda came into his life. Charles became warmer and more friendly to other people.

James smiled as he thought, 'Linda surely is a good influence on him.'

It was the eve of the Spring Festival, and everyone was gathered for dinner. The Mu Clan and the Xia Clan assembled for a family reunion dinner to celebrate the event.

It was supposed to be Victoria's birthday as well, but the birthday girl looked rather gloomy. Linda took a glance at Victoria every now and then. She was confused about why Victoria acted so dejected at her own birthday party. 'She personally asked me and Charles to come here. I thought she wanted to celebrate her birthday and the Spring Festival together. Why is she so gloomy?' Linda wondered as she stared at Victoria's frown.

Time went by, and Victoria was finally in a better mood. Her face looked much brighter, and her eyes looked determined.

She gently stood up from her seat and grabbed the bottle of wine she asked from the maid before. She then poured some into Charles' glass.

"Charles, would you care to join me for a glass of wine? After all, it's my birthday." Victoria's tone was sweet and gentle.

'Isn't everyone supposed to celebrate with her? Why is she only inviting Charles for a drink?

Is it possible that there's some problem with the wine?' Linda suspected.

She got close to Anna and whispered, "Anna, I suspect that there's something wrong with the wine. What do you think?"

"I don't know, but look at Lady Victoria's mischievous smile. She must be planning something!"

Anna answered as if to warn Linda.

Linda then turned to look at her husband. She discreetly tapped his knee to get his attention. Charles then stared back at her.

She blinked to hint that there was something suspicious with the wine.


ernard even though the later came from a powerful family.

She didn't like how Bernard behaved. He was a terrible man with an awful personality.

Linda was lost in her own thoughts when Anna came back.

Anna walked towards Linda and sat beside her. She smiled but didn't say anything.

Victoria stared nervously at Linda and Anna. Her palms started to get sweaty as she wondered if they realized her plan. However, she only saw Anna smile and nothing else. Victoria wasn't aware that Anna had already sent the test results to Linda's mobile phone.

Linda was already aware of what Victoria did with the wine.

Linda previously asked Charles to dampen a wet napkin with the wine Victoria gave him. She handed the napkin to Anna and asked her to have it secretly tested. She then received a text from Anna that said the wine contained some aphrodisiac.

Anna was diligent and also analyzed the aphrodisiac. She confirmed that it had a delayed reaction of one to two hours.

However, despite the delay, it would have a very strong effect on the human body. Whoever drank it would be filled with lascivious thoughts.

The aphrodisiac would also cause harm to the person who drank it.

'How dare Victoria! Who knew that she and Amy would be so much alike? Why would she drug Charles?

Does she just want a one night stand with him? Maybe she's planning a terrible scheme other than sleeping with him.

She also drank the wine herself. Is she stupid or something?' Linda tried to analyze Victoria's motives. However, she just created more questions in her head instead of answers.

'It's a good thing I warned Charles. He only took a sip so it shouldn't have that much effect on him.

Is Victoria an idiot or something? Does she enjoy whoring herself to a married man? She's stupid if she would think that Charles would divorce me after sleeping with a slut like her. This is so absurd!'

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