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   Chapter 885 Women's Chat

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"You don't have to envy me. I've learned that the Master of the Wang Clan jumped into a river in order to rescue you. He would do anything for you, even if it means risking his own life," Bun remarked with a smile.

"Alas." Anna just sighed, not saying anything else. Everyone had their own unpleasant experiences and had been distressed by their own personal matters. People would always see how happy others were, but they wouldn't understand that others might also be tormented by something. No one could be happy all throughout their life without coming across something unpleasant.

Also, people would be upset by and worry over different things

in different stages of their lives.

"Okay. Don't think about such unhappy things," Linda remarked. Although Anna and Becker had been together, they also might have had a lot of unpleasant matters to deal with.

The three chatted happily, talking about the things that happened in the past.

They quickly reached the Mu Clan's old house.

It was past 4 o'clock when they arrived. Linda called James in advance to tell him about what was going to happen, so that he was able to welcome Linda's father and mother to his house. After all, they were all Linda's family and all of them should get along well with each other and have a good time.

To Linda's surprise, before they even arrived at the house's gate, she could already see that James and Violet were waiting at the gate.

'They really go of their way, ' Linda thought to herself, somewhat touched. Maybe they wanted to show their respect because Johnson and Donna would be there.

"Mother, father, why are you standing here? It's so cold outside."

Indeed, it was windy that day.

After the car stopped in front of the house's gate, Linda carefully stepped out. The wind messed up her hair, but when she saw how red James' face got because of the wind, she couldn't help but feel sorry. 'They must have been waiting for a while now, ' she thought to herself.

"Don't feel bad!" James exclaimed when Linda expressed her apologies for making them wait outside. "Since Johnson and Donna will also come over here today, we should come out to meet everyone." James smiled and then turned to look at Johnson.

At that moment, Johnson was getting out of the car. Behind him was Donna, who he assisted.

Upon seeing James, Johnson also smiled and greeted him warmly.

The two gentlemen had known each other for many years now. They even fell in love with Sherry at the same time, once upon a time.

Now everything w

r. After all, he really didn't like her and her personality at all.

Derek glanced around and then sat down in an empty chair. Right then, the servants brought a lot of food to the living room, and Derek started to eat. Linda cast him a disgusted glance, but she didn't say anything to him. 'A good night will not be spoiled by someone as vile as you, Derek, ' she thought to herself.

Her hatred of Derek stemmed from him doing something to offend her. If this happened before, she would have surely berated Derek for what he was doing, but she just couldn't be bothered these days.

Then Charles and Brian came back. Upon seeing Charles, Linda was stunned.

With a bucket in his hand, Charles made his way towards Linda.

"What did you do today?" Linda asked.

She noticed that both Charles and Brian looked dirty. Their clothes were stained with mud.

"We went fishing earlier," Brian answered, chuckling. "Charles said that he wanted to personally prepare some fish for you to eat since it's your first time to celebrate the Spring Festival as a couple." Linda started to blush. "You love the delicious food, right?" Brian continued. "The fish dish is immaculate, I tell you. We spent a lot of time catching them. They're freshwater fish, so you'd definitely love them!"

Brian's words made Linda's mouth water. His descriptions were enough to make her believe that the dishes were very good indeed.

"Wow! What a pleasant surprise," she said, staring at the two dirty men. "You really went out today just to go fishing?" Laughing, she shook her head. She never thought that they went fishing. All she thought was that they went out to deal with some business matters today.

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