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   Chapter 884 Overcoming Difficulties

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7858

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Although Linda thought that spending the Spring Festival at the Mu Clan's old house would be a good idea, she knew she'd better ask Lily Xie, Johnson, and Donna what they thought of it. If they minded it, they might not want to go with her.

So she asked tentatively, "Father, mother, do you mind spending the festival at the Mu Clan's old house? We can all have a big dinner together?"

Donna hesitated.

She wasn't sure, so she turned to Johnson to seek his opinion and hoped that he would make the decision.

"I don't mind spending the festival there," he said.

He thought that where they were spending the festival wasn't that important, as long as they were all together. And since they hadn't seen Charles's parents for a while, it was indeed a good idea to spend the festival at their house. They needed to pay a visit to Charles's parents during the Spring Festival anyway.

It could be a good chance to bond with them.

Hearing Johnson's answer, Lily Xie turned to Linda. "I don't mind either, but can I bring my friend with me? I don't want to leave him alone here."

Linda nodded and said with a smile, "Of course you can. The more the merrier."

Gerald smiled at that, happy to tag along with Lily Xie.

"Thank you, Linda," Gerald said sincerely.

Linda nodded and smiled back at him.

Johnson asked the servants to ready cars for them at once.

Derek, who had been standing beside them this whole time, thought that Linda would at least ask him if he wanted to go. It was one of the most important festivals, after all. But the thought didn't seem to cross Linda's mind. "Linda, shouldn't you ask for my opinion as well?" he asked her, annoyed.

"Why should I?" Linda said as she shot him a glance.

"You're all going somewhere else to celebrate the Spring Festival. What about me?" Derek hadn't expected Linda to give him such a rigid answer.

He knew that the reason he was out of prison for now was because Donna wanted to celebrate the Spring Festival with him. But now that they were all planning on going somewhere else to celebrate the festival without asking him, he felt humiliated.

"Do you really think you have the right to choose, Derek?" asked Linda.

She had never planned to ask Derek's opinion because she didn't think Derek had the right to say no.

If he had just stayed quiet without

d of Bun's pregnancy. But it was forbidden because some parents chose to have an abortion when they found out that they were having a girl child because they preferred sons to daughters.

It would have been easy for Bun to find out about the baby's sex. Just a phone call would suffice.

The only possible reason that Bun didn't know the answer was that she and Brian didn't care about the baby's sex at all. It showed that Brian wasn't someone who preferred sons to daughters.

Anna was happy that Bun had found a husband with liberal ideas.

"Well, how I envy you, Bun. It seems that Brian truly loves you," said Anna. This reminded her of her relationship with Becker and it brought on an instant headache. She had fallen in love with Becker now, but it seemed that his parents still couldn't accept the fact that she and Becker were together.

Anna could always find ways to deal with difficult problems. But this was something she couldn't deal with on her own. She knew that Becker was the heir to the Wang Clan while she was an orphan. That was a hard fact nobody could ignore.

And Anna knew well enough that she had nothing to offer Becker except her love.

Now that she saw that Bun and Brian had overcome every difficulty and that they were having a baby together, she couldn't help but think about her future with Becker. Anna had never thought that she would fall in love with someone and that she would be willing to bear someone's baby. But now she really did want to start a family with Becker. Their babies would be proof of their love.

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