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   Chapter 883 A Family Reunion Dinner

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9376

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Time flew by so quickly. Two days had passed since the event.

Linda still remembered everything that happened. Victoria had some time to talk with Linda two days ago. She reminded Linda that today was her birthday.

The phone in the Mu Clan's villa rang. A servant rushed towards the phone and answered it politely," Hello. May I know who's calling?"

"Can I speak to my brother?"

The servant got confused with the response. She hadn't recognized whose voice it was. "Excuse me. Who is your brother?"

Victoria was agitated by the maid's query. She answered with an impatient tone," Charles Mu!"

"I'm very sorry. Young Master is not here right now. Lady Linda is the only one at home. May I have your name, please? I can ask Lady Linda to talk with you."

Linda happened to walk by the living room as the servant asked who the caller was. She became curious about who might call at that time. Linda approached the servant and gestured to give her the phone.

Linda thought that only James and Violet would call the landline of the Mu Clan's villa. She figured that mobile phones were very accessible to almost everyone, so very few people would opt to call a landline.

However, the servant's reply made Linda certain that the caller was neither Violet nor James.

She suspected that it might be Victoria on the other end.

Linda received the phone from the servant, who then went back to continue her chores.

"Hello. This is Linda."

"Linda, today is my birthday and I am having a birthday party later. Don't be late and don't forget to bring Charles."

Linda was very agitated when she heard Victoria's loud voice. She felt like she would be deaf if she got to hear more of that sharp noise from Victoria's mouth. However, she felt compelled to at least listen to Victoria so Linda just pulled the phone a few inches away from her ear. She then answered," Okay, we'll go to your party."

"Make sure you're there! I won't forgive you if you miss my birthday party."

Linda hung up the phone after Victoria's remark. She then sat in the living room to relax.

Bun walked in with a bowl of bird's nest soup. She brought it towards Linda and said with a smile on her face," My Lady, please have some food. I prepared a bird's nest soup for you.

Linda was startled when she saw Bun with a bowl of bird's nest soup. She rushed towards the pregnant woman and worriedly took the bowl from her. She then gently placed it on the table.

"Bun, you don't have to cook food in the kitchen anymore. You're pregnant now so you just need to relax. Brian wouldn't like it when he notices that you are still doing chores around here." Linda's tone was full of concern.

She was really thankful about how Bun had always taken care of her. She had always thought of Bun as a sister rath

ent with all her family members. Don't worry. He will return to jail after the Spring Festival," Linda replied while she looked at Derek with disgust.

Derek didn't refute Linda's remark but he stared back at Linda furiously.

He thought Linda embarrassed him in front of Bun so that he would be provoked and be in an awkward situation where he would quarrel with Linda, the one responsible for his little time out from jail.

However, Derek was able to control himself. He didn't say anything that would offend them, nor did he make any undue response.

"Linda, Bun, I know it's still just lunchtime, but will you also stay here for dinner?" Donna asked as if to change the subject.

Linda shook her head and said," I'm sorry but we can't. We would love to stay for dinner but we need to go back to the Mu Clan's old house tonight."

"Can't you just go back tomorrow? You can spend the night here. I have to go back to our hometown tomorrow. I will stay there for a few days. It would be great if I can spend some time with you guys before I travel," Donna said with a frown. She really missed Bun and Linda.

Linda knew that Donna had always visited her hometown during the Spring Festival since Donna had a lot of relatives there.

Linda usually accompanied Donna in her visits to her hometown in the past. The two of them would enjoy each other's company as they traveled.

Linda suddenly came up with a plan to let the Xia Clan members and Mu Clan members bond. She thought that it would be nice for all of them to celebrate the Spring Festival together.

Linda needed to go back to the Mu Clan's old house tonight not just because of Victoria's birthday. She didn't actually care about Victoria or her birthday party at all.

The real reason why Linda wanted to go back was that she could have a family reunion dinner with Charles's parents.

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