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   Chapter 882 Was It A Boy Or A Girl

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"But if you died, you would lose everything. Even your happiness. There are a lot to be grateful for even if life treated us harshly in the past. Everything worked out for the best, is it not? It's better to be alive, isn't it?" Charles retorted. The thought of losing Linda someday made him shiver. He too could not live a minute longer if she died earlier than him.

He was overwhelmed with the memories of the past. He had been haunted by all those bad memories as well.

After such a long time, he was still frightened of the memory that Linda almost got murdered. He couldn't bear the pain of losing her. The thought pierced his heart.

Linda turned her head and continued to watch the soldiers.

As time went by, everything changed. She had been longing for a different life. However, she was exactly where she should be.

In the very beginning, Linda simply wanted to become a chemistry teacher or a psychology teacher after graduating college.

She was smart but she had never thought of using her intelligence to hurt people.

However, she unexpectedly got involved in the war among the powerful clans.

Amy Qi and Sarah Shen.

Jessie Luo and Rosy Nalan.

In the past, there also had been a Sophia Liu and now there was a Victoria Song.

They were either the Lady of a rich clan or a superstar. Linda had never thought that her life and theirs would overlap.

She just wanted to be an ordinary person and live an ordinary life. She just wanted a nice and peaceful existence for her and for the people she loved.

"Honey, I'm sorry," Charles sighed.

He had watched with his very own eyes and bore in his mind what Linda had suffered. "How about this? I'll tell Victoria to pack and go back to Africa tomorrow. I'll make sure that she will never ever come back again,"

Charles suddenly asked because he thought that Linda was upset about Victoria. Victoria was indeed annoying but she was the daughter of his father's comrades. They had once saved his father's life so he had to be nice to her.

"No, it's so far away. After all, she is a weak young girl and it will be hard for her to live there alone. Besides, it has nothing to do with her. I just felt tired while thinking of what we have gone through. It's not easy and we came so far," Linda sighed and snuggled closer to him.

"I'm sorry. I promise that I will never let you go through that kind of pain in the future,"

Charles apologized again and held her tighter.

Linda wrapped h

y your side. When the baby is born, I will surely be in such a muddle that I may not have any time to spend with you. Please forgive me," Bun whined at Linda. She had a piteous look on her face.

Brian was both jealous and confused.

"Linda, what did you do to enchant Bun so much that she wanted to stick with you always? Don't you think it's unfair? She's my wife and I love her more than anything in this world, yet I think she loves you more than me!" he groused.

Linda tried to hold back her laughter and said to Brian," I did nothing! She loves staying with me because I am her dear friend. Is it maybe because you didn't treat her well?"

Wrongly accused, Brian almost broke down in tears. He held Bun's hands, looked her in the eye and asked her in a low voice," Honey, did I treat you badly? Did I not give you enough love?"

Bun pouted her delicate mouth as if she were angry and then answered," No, you have treated me nicely of course. You did not lack in anyway. It's just that to me, Lady Linda will always get the first place in my heart. Little Potato ranks the second and as for you…"

He did not wait for Bun to finish her sentence and cut in again," Okay, it seems that I am the third one. It's not too bad. I can live with that. The important thing is that I still belong to the top three!"

"No, you are not the third one. The third one is our baby. You rank the fourth," Bun smiled.

Linda laughed heartily. It turned out that Brian ranked the last in Bun's heart. How awkward it was for everyone!

Of course, Brian knew that Bun was only joking. He knew that Bun would always give him the first place in her heart.

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