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   Chapter 881 Time Went By

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"Charles, spare me a little, would you? My wife is here," Brian grumbled.

"So, you have never won whenever you raced against Charles?" Linda snickered at Brain with a wry smile, which made him even more upset.

Brian then turned towards Bun, hoping that she would defend him. However, what Bun was going to say turned out to add more fuel to the fire.

"Everyone knows you never win a race against me," Bun said at last.

"Bun!" Brian rasped in anger.

"What did I say wrong? It's the truth. Want to have a race right now to prove it?" Bun challenged.

Linda burst out laughing when she heard what Bun had said.

How could Brain have a race with Bun when she was pregnant with his baby? That would be picking on his wife and his own child.

Brian could do nothing but sigh helplessly.

"Bun, I'm telling you. I'm very angry!" Brian snorted coldly before walking away.

Thinking that Brian might have really gotten angry, Linda and Bun followed him quickly. It turned out that he went to buy a hot drink for Bun. There was a vending machine next to the camp, and you could only buy hot drinks in there.

After buying the refreshments, Brain and Charles also drank a lot of water to replenish their strength. After all, they had just run a ten-kilometer path. Linda had only run two kilometers and it was already too much for her.

It was strange for everyone to see that Charles seemed to be fine after running. Linda never saw him work out at home but he was surprisingly physically strong.

What Linda didn't know was that Charles worked out a lot at the gym in his company and he even had some fitness equipment in his office for occasional exercise.

"So, what's the next game? I won't let you win this time, Charles,"

Brian told Charles as he pointed a finger at him.

"Whatever you want to play, let's do it," Charles casually stated with a smirk.

"Okay! How about free combat then?" Brian asked.

Free combat was one of the military training routines. Charles was really good at it and he had won a free combat championship once when he was in the army.

Brian and Charles had always wanted to have a friendly competition with each other but they had been assigned in different camps and as the successors of two powerful clans, they were too busy to make time for that.


inda so he didn't hold her too hard but he refused to let her go.

'Watching Linda having fun is the happiest thing in the world. I would give up everything just to see her smile everyday, ' Charles thought with a big smile on his face.

When the sun began to set, Linda sighed and rested her head against Charles's chest.

"Honey, you know what. Sometimes I hope the end of the world would actually come," Linda said.

"Why? What's wrong?" Charles was surprised when he heard her words.

"No. Nothing's wrong! There are benefits in being alive but if you die, there are also benefits in death," Linda answered.

Charles frowned and asked," Why would you have such ideas in your head? Have you been too tired lately? Is there something wrong? Are you not feeling well?"

When she heard his words, tears welled up in her eyes. She suddenly remembered the time when she was still in the Xia Clan up until she married Charles, she had suffered a lot.

There were many things she hadn't told Charles. There were a lot of feelings that she decided to keep to herself. Sometimes, when Charles was not looking, she almost broke down.

She was indeed very tired. She was weary of how life treated her.

"If I died alone, I would surely be scared and lonely. I could never live without you by my side. I could not bear the thought of you leaving me. But if the end of the world is true, then both of us will die at the same time. We can die together and be buried together. We will never be alone without the other," Linda continued.

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