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   Chapter 880 Have You Ever Defeated Me In A Race

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Brian was shocked by Charles' suggestion. Obviously, Charles was challenging him. After a short discussion, they quickly agreed to have a race. Linda felt that they'd made a rash decision but she wanted to see how things were going to play out.

"Honey, come on! You can do it!" Bun cheered excitedly for Brian, much to Linda's amusement.

Since Bun was cheering for her husband, Linda also stood up and shouted, "Come on, dear! Try your best to defeat Brian."

"No problem! I'll definitely win the race! Brian can never run faster than me."

Charles's lips twisted into a smile. He seemed to be confident about winning the race.

Linda was curious to find out who would run faster and win the race this time.

"Linda, does Charles exercise at home?" Brian asked as he did some warm-up exercises.

Since Brian and Charles were having a race on a cold winter day, they needed to warm up and prepare their body for running.

Otherwise, they might end up spraining a muscle, which would take a long time to heal.

Linda and Bun were also doing some simple exercises nearby.

Since Bun was pregnant, she had to avoid doing any strenuous exercise. But it was good for her to do some simple exercises during pregnancy.

"Why do you want to know that? Why should I tell you?"

Linda didn't want to answer Brian's question because she knew that he just wanted to figure out his opponent's position. She would be betraying Charles if she gave up this information.

"Wow. Linda, you're so clever. You really don't want to tell me about this?" Brian said with a smile.

"Does it matter whether he exercises or not? Do you think that you can defeat him just because you do physical training regularly? Don't be so smug. Perhaps he can win the race this time. Who knows?" Linda remarked, laughing.

Upon hearing Linda's words, Brian guessed that Charles seldom exercised at home. If Charles didn't work out regularly, how could he defeat Brian, the Major General, in the race?

Besides, Brian often went on missions, so running five or even ten kilometers was a piece of cake for him.

They quickly finished their warm-up with some stretches.

Linda seldom saw Charles wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers.

He looked very handsome

to sit down, Bun stopped her again.

"My Lady, let's walk one lap around the track. You'll feel better after that. Right now, you're feeling so tired and uncomfortable because you haven't exercised in a long time. From now on, you should exercise regularly so that you won't feel tired so easily."

Linda leaned onto Bun for support as they walked around the track together. They'd finished walking three laps around the track when Brian and Charles crossed the finish line almost at the same time at full speed. But Charles's feet crossed the finish line a little earlier than Brian's.

The two of them didn't sit down either. They walked around the track with Linda and Bun.

"Charles, you run so fast. I could barely keep up with you," Brian said, gasping for breath. Since they'd both sprinted the whole way, they were completely out of breath.

Charles took a glance at Brian and responded flatly, "Have you ever defeated me in a race?"

With a morose expression on his face, Brian said, "Well, you're putting me in an awkward position now. I admit that I've never defeated you in a race before, but my wife is here today, so why couldn't you let me win just this once?"

"Have you forgotten that you once lost to Bun in a race?"

Brian felt annoyed the moment he heard Charles bring up such an embarrassing matter.

That day, Brian had deliberately let Bun win the race to make her happy as she had been in a bad mood. He hadn't expected Charles to tease him about it one day.

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