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   Chapter 879 Running Ten Kilometers As A Warm-up

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Updated: 2019-06-22 00:12

Hatred kept on creeping over Victoria, making her seethe with rage.

An upsurge of indignation and resentment tormented her mind ceaselessly.

Victoria's love and longing for Charles was beyond description.

She was dying to have him.

Even if she could only be with him for a short while, she was willing.

There were many servants waiting at the door of Victoria's room. The moment Victoria came out, they had to enter the room to clean it. They were already used to such a situation, as Victoria would often smash things and make her room in a mess whenever she got angry.

Taking a deep breath, Victoria managed to calm herself down.

Then she walked out of her room, casting a cold glance at the servants who were standing at the door.

"Clean the room right now," Victoria ordered with a grim face.

"Yes." Immediately, they entered her room.

Victoria decided to get out of the house.

The first thing she did was to go and fetch the car that James bought for her after she came back from abroad.

After getting in the car, she took out her phone to make a call.

The other end rang for a few moments before it was finally picked up.

"Oh, What a surprise! Victoria, I don't expect you to call me! You've been back from abroad?"

"Don't talk nonsense. Help me prepare some drug. I need it tomorrow."

"What kind of drug do you want this time?"

"Aphrodisiac, with the strongest effect."

"What do you want it for?"

"Cut the nonsense! Do you have this kind of drug?"

"Yes! But please know that one bottle of this kind of aphrodisiac costs 6, 000, which is the fixed price. And I will not be responsible for any consequence caused by it."

"I will not ask you to take the blame for any consequence. I'll be right there soon and will pay for it. Just give me the drug and I'll give you the money. Wait for me."

Once the call ended, Victoria stepped on the accelerator and drove the car away.

She had lived abroad for three years, but luckily her friends still stayed in SH City all the time. It was easy to contact them after she came back.

The one that Victoria called just now was her classmate who did a lot of illegal, wrong things, such as prostitution, gambling an

rsible once it happened. And sometimes, the harm caused by others would have a great bad impact on a person, and nothing could be done to make up for it. Thus Linda thought that she should fully prepare to prevent Victoria from harming others. She had to figure out what Victoria was up to because normally, Victoria would not be so nice to invite her to her party. Her intentions were so obvious.

It was a sunny afternoon. Even though it was still cold outside, they felt warm under the sunshine. Charles opened the sunroof and let the sunlight flood into the car. While enjoying the warm sunshine, Linda, who sat on the passenger seat, felt so comfortable that she almost fell asleep.

The sun made her so relaxed.

After a while, they reached the military camp.

It was a sacred and solemn place. Many soldiers chose to stay there during the Spring Festival instead of going back home.

Linda saw many soldiers training. They moved in lockstep, wearing short-sleeved shirts and dripping with sweat even though it was winter.

Charles and Brian changed to their exercise clothes.

"Charles, let's run five kilometers first, okay?" Brian said to Charles with a smile.

Charles had been discharged from the army for many years now, but Brian still kept carrying out all kinds of secret missions. Because of that he would do physical training every day.

"Five kilometers? It's not enough. How about ten to warm up?" Charles said, his mouth twisting into a smile.

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