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   Chapter 878 Provoke Victoria

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Linda didn't understand why Victoria kept mentioning Sarah.

She knew that Sarah and Victoria couldn't have been friends. Otherwise, Victoria would surely have known that Sarah was dead.

Linda also guessed that Sarah and Victoria had met or been in a conflict before Victoria went abroad three years ago.

After all, Sarah was Amy's good friend and always helped Amy, whom Victoria regarded as her rival in love.

In the past, Amy had liked Charles so much that she'd ended up paying with her life for it. Victoria had also liked Charles so much that she'd tried to commit suicide because of him.

Since Sarah was on good terms with Amy, she couldn't have been a good friend of Victoria's.

So, the only explanation for Victoria constantly mentioning Sarah was that she wanted to get under Bun's skin.

Victoria was stunned after hearing Linda's words.

"What do you mean? Linda, don't say such rude and inauspicious words which can scare people during the Spring Festival." Victoria was taking the first chance she got to shout at Linda. James, who was sitting beside Victoria, furrowed his eyebrows and slightly opened his mouth but didn't utter a single word.

He couldn't figure out a good way to solve this conflict between Victoria and Linda. He just hoped that Linda would deal with it in a proper way.

Knowing that Victoria was in the wrong, he gave Linda an apologetic smile.

Linda could understand James's feelings and knew that he was in a dilemma now. But even if James didn't say anything to scold Victoria or keep her in check, Linda would never let her off. She wasn't the kind of person who would let others bully her. In fact, getting back at other people was Linda's favorite thing to do.

"You're the one who mentioned the dead person first. Sarah has been dead for a long time. Don't you know about that? Why do you keep talking about her? Are you trying to disgust and irritate me? Well, I'm sorry, but my relationship with Brian is steady and we love each other very much. It's useless for you to try to piss me off or create a rift between us,"

Bun said firmly before Linda got a chance to retort.

Bun was a quiet and generous person and wouldn't have retaliated like this if Victoria had made some unkind remarks about her. But she would never allow anyone to t

mes shook his head, knowing that Charles and Brian had put on a show just to provoke Victoria. Of course, he was pleased to see Charles and Linda being so affectionate toward each other, but he thought that they had gone a little too far this time.

The only reason he hadn't commented on their behavior just now was because he hadn't wanted to stir up an argument and destroy the relaxed atmosphere in the room. He just wanted his clan members to live in peace and harmony.

"You!" he finally said at last after pondering over it for a while.

"Father, what's wrong?" Linda asked, blinking innocently at James.

"You know what I'm going to say. Don't displease her anymore. I'm worried that she will do something reckless," James said with worry, staring in the direction of Victoria's room.

"Okay, father." Linda nodded innocently.

As soon as Victoria entered her room, she began throwing all her things onto the floor, startling the servants who were standing outside her door. They wondered why Victoria had lost her temper after coming back from lunch.

They had no idea why she was so furious.

"Bitch!" Victoria yelled, sitting on her bed. She lay back, feeling tired after throwing so many things around. The image of Linda and Charles showing their affection for each other in front of her kept playing in her mind.

Victoria thought that Linda was rude and wicked for doing such a thing in front of her. The weight of her anger and depression felt like there was a rock pressing down on her and suffocating her.

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