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   Chapter 877 Mention Sarah

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"Father, why are you also taking Linda's side and blaming me? Why do you and Charles like her so much? Did she drug you and put you under her control? Or did she go out of her way to win your favor?" With these words, Victoria broke into sobs. She was really disappointed with how James was speaking to her now.

James was the one who had raised her with fondness ever since she was a kid. She'd left home only for three years, but somehow, everyone was treating her like an enemy while treating Linda like family. She was confused and shocked that they'd all grown so fond of Linda within just three years.

In the past, even Amy hadn't been able to compete with her or win Charles's heart.

In fact, that was why Victoria had decided to fulfill her parents' wishes and confidently gone abroad for three years. She'd been sure that Charles wouldn't take a fancy to any other woman while she was away.

However, to her surprise, everything had changed within these three years.

"Linda hasn't done anything to us. Charles loves her and got married to her. No one forced him to do that," James said, trying to stay patient.

He knew that Victoria wasn't a bad person and that she just liked Charles very much.

"Why did Charles choose her to be his wife? How is she better than other women?"

James didn't know how to answer her question.

As for Charles's relationship with Linda, Charles was the only one who could know why Linda was the right one for him. Anyway, James was satisfied with Linda after she'd gotten married to Charles.

"Come on. Just accept the fact and move on," James remarked.

But Victoria was still indignant and ran away crying.

James stared after Victoria for a while, then sighed and continued to go ahead to fish, trying to calm himself down. Although Victoria wasn't his biological daughter, he still thought that it was inappropriate for her to insist on marrying his biological son. Besides, Charles was already married now, and there was no way that Victoria could become a mistress. James would never allow it.

Even if Victoria liked Charles so much that she was willing to meddle in his marriage with Linda and be his mistress, she would be criticized by everyone else and would become notorious because of that.

Besides, James knew ho

ct, he was so annoyed by Victoria that he wanted to beat her up right there and then. He thought it was reckless for her to mention Sarah.

Long ago, when he had agreed to be together with Sarah, he had done it just because he was seeking out new experiences. Besides, he'd only dated Sarah for a few days and he didn't fall in love with her at all.

He knew about all the malicious things that Sarah had done but he refrained from talking about them. In Brian's eyes, Sarah was just an annoying character in his life who had once tried to destroy his happiness. He didn't care about her at all.

"Bun, are you displeased? Come on, all I did was mention Brian's ex-girlfriend. Don't be angry." Victoria wore a smile.

"No." Bun smiled thinly in return.

Hearing Sarah's name had a great impact on Bun. After all, Sarah had tried every means to prevent her from being together with Brian. She'd even tried to stop Bun from having a baby.

But even though Bun hated Sarah very much, she wanted to avoid talking about her, just like Linda did.

"Okay. It's just that Brian was really nice to Sarah before and they had a steady relationship. They got along really well, so I don't know why they broke up later."

Victoria uttered these rude words simply because she was displeased with Brian and Bun's show of affection.

Linda was so surprised to hear Victoria's words that she stopped eating.

"Bun will never be annoyed by Sarah or even feel jealous of her. After all, hating a dead person is just meaningless."

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