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   Chapter 876 Who Do You Think You Are

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Bun heard Brian's concerned words, which made her grin. She looked back to Brian and said with a smile on her face, "Thank you for caring, Brian. Don't worry, I'm not a child. I'll be careful not to fall and hurt myself."

Brian was still worried about Bun. He continued to stare at her with concerned eyes.

Linda noticed Bun's baby bump. She looked at it and smiled, while thinking in her head, 'Time goes by so fast! Bun is going to be a mother soon. This is such a memorable and happy event.'

Both she and Bun had grown from simple sweet girls to complicated beautiful women in the past one year.

Bun also finally went into a smooth relationship with Brian. He was deeply infatuated with Bun now.

Bun looked at Brian with sincere eyes and reassured him again, "Honey, just relax. The baby and I are fine. Don't worry yourself too much."

Brian stared at Bun with tender eyes. He wanted to make her feel safe and secured. He would do everything for the woman he adored.

Bun was a few months pregnant. Her belly had started to swell and it became apparent that she had a baby. Brian wanted to take good care of Bun and their baby. He would do everything to make their family happy.

"It's cold outside. You should give your wife a jacket and ten layers of blanket," Charles said in a playful tone. The weather was quite pleasant but Charles still jested Brian. He was behind Linda when he noticed Brian's worried face.

Linda smiled at Charles' joke. She knew that he just wanted to lighten the mood since Brian was overly worried. Brian and Charles often played pranks on each other because they were such close friends.

"Charles, you must be kidding me. The weather is warm and quite comfortable. My wife will not get sick," Brian smiled as he refuted Charles's joke.

"Oh quit it you two. Maybe you should just fight to know who the real winner is," Linda grinned as she mocked the two men.

She didn't think that Brian and Charles would really fight. She only made a joke but the two men seemed to like her suggestion.

Brian nodded at Linda's words and replied, "Good suggestion! We will show you a spectacular fight. Charles, we haven't fought against each other for quite some time. How about we have some rounds at the arena after lunch?"

Linda's eyes widened with the sudden turn of events.

"Hold on a second. I wasn't serious when I've told you to fight. It was just a stupid joke. Do you really mean to fight each other? Where is this 'arena' that you just mentioned?" she asked.

Bun explained, "Brian's military camp has a sports arena. Soldiers use it for training. They would practice against each other."

"Oh, I see. Do these two really plan to fight each other? I really don't want to see them get hurt."

sit you," she said to James. She didn't want to look at Victoria anymore.

"Okay, that is good to hear. We can have lunch together," James replied with a smile. His tone became tender and warm.

"Oh, Brian is here? Where is he? I want to see him," Victoria said as she tried to look at the front door in search for Brian.

Linda ignored Victoria's remark. She didn't even give her a glance and instead just walked towards the living room.

Victoria was agitated by Linda's actions. She hated the smug look on Linda's face when Linda ignored her.

"That impertinent bitch! She's too disrespectful. She's just too much. How dare she ignore me?! I will never talk to her again!" Victoria screamed as she stomped her foot. James approached her and stroked her back to calm her down.

He felt disappointed with Victoria's behavior. 'Victoria still hadn't matured even though she had lived abroad for three years, ' James thought as he stared at Victoria with sorry eyes.

"Victoria, you should let the past go and start to move on," James advised her with a warm tone.

He then gently placed his hands at Victoria's shoulders and looked at her in the eye. "You bear so much grudge from your past that you are unable to move forward. You should let it go and find a way to enjoy the present and look towards the future. Linda is your sister-in-law. You should treat her like family. Do not antagonize her anymore. It's very unsightly for family members to quarrel," he added with sincerity.

He had always wanted to have a sincere conversation with Victoria, but he couldn't find the correct timing. He decided to let his wife talk to Victoria. Unfortunately, even after their conversations, Violet still couldn't persuade Victoria to change her ways. Victoria was very closed minded and wouldn't listen to anybody's advice.

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