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   Chapter 875 Honey, Don't Run So Fast

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7004

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Being a soft-hearted person, Donna felt pity for Derek when she saw him cry so helplessly.

She knew that Linda would never release Derek from jail, but since Linda agreed to let him out during the Spring Festival, she at least expected her to let him spend a few days to celebrate before having him put in jail again.

"Linda, he has already realized his mistakes. Please give him one more chance. Could you please let him stay with us over the Spring Festival?"

Now that Donna pleaded with Linda, Linda, showing respect for her, thought about it for a while and nodded.

"Derek, you can't do anything recklessly anymore. Otherwise, I will send you back to jail right away. Got it?" Linda remarked, casting a glance at Derek, after which she turned around and left.

It was already past 11 o'clock when Linda finished dealing with the absurd situation caused by Derek.

She felt so tired that she fell asleep quickly after lying down in Charles' arms, without thinking about anything, without any worries.

However, other people wouldn't be sleeping easily as her that night.

Derek was one of those. He kept on thinking of how to escape and stop people from taking him back to jail. Obviously, he wouldn't be willing to go back to jail. No one would want to be caged and have their freedom restricted. Resentment was coursing through Derek's veins.

"Linda, you're such a bitch! I will get back at you one day!"

His curses echoed in his silent, pitch dark room. As much as he tossed and turned on his bed, he was unable to sleep. Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

'How could Linda be so cold-hearted? Why is she so unwilling to forgive me even though I've already knelt down just to apologize to her?' he thought, anger rising in his chest. 'I even let Donna try to beg, but she still is not willing to help me!' Considering that Linda had always respected Donna and had always treated her so well, Derek couldn't understand why Linda didn't listen to her this time.

There was another thing that Derek figured out before he was able to fall asleep.

'I should not do anythi

ppy and not nervous. He also doesn't scold others. You know what? He just might have figured out a way to escape."

Charles nodded, as he had the same speculation as Linda's.

"Dear, if you don't want him to run away, we can send people to keep watch on him during these few days. So no matter where he plans to go, we can have him arrested and take him back to jail immediately,"

Charles said, touching Linda's head with a smile.

Somehow, hearing this from Charles relieved Linda immensely. If Derek really succeeded in escaping, Linda wouldn't care. She didn't want him to go back forever anyway. In her eyes, he was a lazy, reckless man who didn't deserve to eat anything offered in jail. Actually, a necessity like food should not be wasted on him.

After half an hour, Linda and Charles reached the Mu Clan's old house. Paul was waiting for them at the gate.

Today, Brian also took Bun there. Since she was a few months pregnant, her belly was visibly getting larger. However, her arms and legs were still slender, and after Linda noticed it later, she really wanted to prepare more nutritious food for Bun to make her stronger.

Bun's eyes lit up with surprise the moment she caught sight of Linda. She immediately left Brian and ran towards Linda, which startled Brian. The whole thing made Brian anxious and he immediately shouted, "Honey, be careful! Don't run so fast!"

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