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   Chapter 874 Shame On You

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Tears streamed down Lily Xie's cheeks as she told Linda, "Father asked me to threaten you with my studies. I didn't want to do as he said, so he began to beat me."

"She's an ungrateful daughter. Can't I teach her a lesson when she's not obedient to me?" Derek said hastily, sneaking a furtive glance at Linda.

Linda couldn't believe her ears. "Why does Lily have to help you? And what makes you think I'll help you if she asks? To tell you the truth, there's really nothing I can do about it," she said.

"No! You're lying. All you need to do is put in a good word for me to Young Master Mu, and he'll listen to you," Derek said anxiously. He turned to Charles to say something, but when his eyes met Charles', he didn't dare to utter a single word.

Charles' eyes were as cold as ice. Derek immediately looked away, not daring to maintain eye contact with him.

After a moment's pause, Charles said, "Derek Xie, do you think you're the king of the world? Why should I help you? You're nobody to me."

Linda burst into laughter. 'King of the world? Charles can be so amusing, ' she thought.

Even Lily Xie, who had been crying all this time, let out an amused snort. But Derek's face turned livid.

"Derek Xie, if you keep stirring up trouble like this, I'll have you put behind bars tomorrow. It seems I made a mistake by bailing you out," Charles said impatiently when Derek didn't respond.

He had been busy working the whole day before going to the detention house to bail Derek out. After the long and exhausting day he'd had, all he wanted to do was spend some time with his beloved wife. But now, his plans were all ruined by Derek.

Every minute with Linda was precious to Charles, so he really didn't want anyone to disturb them.

Rubbing her forehead, Linda said, "Derek Xie, you are not a 3-year-old. You're almost 50. Can you please behave like an adult? You're embarrassing yourself!

And you're embarrassing Lily too! Her classmate is here. You're making a fool of yourself

listen to you in the future," he pleaded.

But no matter what Derek said, Linda didn't give a damn. She knew that a leopard never changed its spots.

"Honey, call Paul over and send Derek Xie back to prison now. I can't stand it anymore," she told Charles coolly.

Then, she held his hand and turned around to go to their bedroom. She was in no mood to stay here and bicker with Derek.

She was really sleepy, and all she wanted to do right now was go and get some sleep with Charles.

When Derek heard Linda's decision, he began freaking out. Even just seven days outside prison was much better than having to stay in prison all the time. He didn't want to spend the Spring Festival behind bars. His roommates in the prison cell always bullied him.

"Linda, my dear niece! I was wrong. Please don't get mad at me." Derek ran after Linda and held onto her leg to stop her.

This angered Charles, who kicked Derek's shoulder, sending him flying backward.

"Fuck off!" Charles said shortly.

Derek shuddered with fear. He raised his head to look at Charles, and then immediately looked away.

He was too shaken up to notice the pain in his aching shoulder.

He turned to Donna and pretended like he was the victim here.

It was the first time that Linda had seen a man cry like a baby. "Donna... You need to help me!"

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