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   Chapter 873 A Farce

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"Donna, is it you who made the wontons? It's so delicious."

Derek was in a mission. He was just tring to say something really nice to Donna in order to please her. Knowing that Donna was the hostess of the Xia Clan, he was hoping that Linda and Charles would show respect to Donna and listen to her if she asked them to help him out of jail.

He was deeply indulged in that wishful thought. He felt upset earlier because he thought that he might have to get back to jail soon. However, he had made up his mind to do everything in his power to prevent anyone from sending him back. He believed that there should be many ways to deal with his concern.

It was a privilege for him to enjoy these delicious wontons with gusto instead of helplessly being locked in jail. Thoughts that he might not be sent back to jail right away considering that they had taken him back for the Spring Festival, gave him hope that he still had seven days at least to figure out how he would escape.

The first plan that came to his mind was to use Lily Xie and had her ask Linda for help.

Johnson arranged a bedroom for Derek after the man finished eating the wontons. He intended to talk about everything to Derek tomorrow. It was already almost 10 o'clock in the evening and everyone in the house just wanted to go to bed.

It was then that a loud scream came out from Lily Xie's bedroom!

"Ah! Father!" Derek's abusive comments came after Lily's scream. It was equally loud that it could be heard outside the room.

"You're such a foolish and ungrateful person!

I should have not raised you or given you anything to eat all these years. Why don't you help me get out of jail? Do you think that going to university is more important than me? Besides, I didn't mean to stop you from going to school before!"

"Father, you should be responsible for the wrong things you've done. Linda would not release you from jail even if I beg her."

Lily Xie covered her red face with her hands. She could still feel her cheeks burning with how hard Derek had slapped her. Since Derek was her father, Lily Xie didn't have the courage to fight back against him and just let him hit her.

Gerald rushed out of his room upon hearing all the commotion. He was staying in a room not far from Lily Xie's. His heart was pounding against his ribs as he ran, thinking that Lily Xie might have come across danger.

Gerald knocked consi

nt, Gerald impulsively stopped Derek to protect Lily Xie. Thus, the three of them ended up struggling while tangled together. The situation was too much for Lily Xie! Feeling very helpless, she began to scream out loud.

"Oh my God! It's very late now. What is going on?" The loud noise made Linda sit up from the bed irritably. She was so sleepy and only wanted to sleep.

"Let's go to have a look. It seems like something's happening in Lily's room." Charles also sat up from the bed. He carefully put a coat on Linda's shoulder to keep her warm. It was snowing outside and he didn't want her to catch a cold.

After getting out of bed, Linda walked towards Lily Xie's room along with Charles. However, before they reached the room door, they heard some noise and heard Derek cussing someone rudely.

Linda suddenly regretted letting Charles take Derek out of the jail. She should have known that Derek would never behave at all! He was nothing but trouble! For Pete's sake, how could he scold others this rudely at night?

Linda opened the door and shouted, "It's getting late now! Do you mind not disturbing others? You are so noisy!"

"Linda." Relief flooded Lily Xie's face upon seeing Linda. She quickly trotted towards Linda and hid behind her. She was sure that Linda would save her from this matter.

"Oh, my God! Lily, what's wrong? Is it your father who slapped your face?" Lily Xie's swollen face easily caught Linda's attention as soon as she came closer. The fingers and palm prints on her face were gone. However, what was there now was the bluish-red marks left by Derek's abuse.

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