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   Chapter 872 Why Was She So Lucky

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8373

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Derek's mind went blank. He didn't know what to say. Before, he'd thought that he had been released from jail for good and didn't have to be sent back there anymore, but now, he was shocked to find out that he'd just been let out temporarily for a few days.

He thought that Linda and Charles were cruel for not informing him of this fact in advance.

He had been so ecstatic about his release that he almost couldn't accept this blow. He was disappointed after hearing this news all of a sudden.

"Derek, come on. Have some wontons first." Donna walked up to Derek with a bowl of wantons in her hands.

When she saw Linda and Lily Xie in the living room, she said, "Linda, Lily, would you like to have some wontons too? There are still some wontons in the fridge. I can make some for you."

Then, she handed Derek the bowl of wontons that she'd prepared specially for him.

However, Derek pushed the bowl away impetuously. It shattered as it fell onto the ground, startling Donna.

Donna stood rooted to the spot in shock, not daring to move at all.

After a few seconds, she managed to collect herself and asked, "What are you doing?" She took a few steps backward just in case.

'Derek clearly wanted to eat wontons earlier, but why doesn't he want to eat it now after I prepared it for him?' she thought, confused. "I'm not in the mood to eat wontons now.

Donna, what is going on? Linda has released me from jail, right? But why is she saying that she has only let me out to celebrate the Spring Festival and that after that, I have to go back to jail?"

Upon hearing Derek's words, Donna touched her hair with an embarrassed expression on her face. Then, she nodded. "That's right. You've committed many crimes, so you can't be permanently released from jail. Linda and Charles have put a lot of effort into helping you be released just for the Spring Festival."

"Released just for the Spring Festival? Well, I don't want that. If they're going to send me back to prison after the Spring Festival, I would rather just have stayed there! Why are they being so cruel to me?" Derek shouted hysterically.

Right at that moment, Charles reached the Xia Clan's residence. He was annoyed as soon as he saw Derek sitting on the floor and acting and speaking in such a childish and shameless way. "If you don't want to stay here, I can take you back to the detention center right now. You might have a good time there with the other prisoners," he said coolly.

The moment Derek heard

nt, with the help of the Mu Clan, the Xia Clan's business was thriving and their profit had multiplied.

Derek thought that Donna was really lucky to have become Johnson's wife.

He'd never expected that his life would be totally different from Donna's. And now, even though his sister was married to such a rich man, he couldn't get any benefit from it since he was stuck in prison.

He wondered why Donna could have a happy life while he had to stay in jail. It was really unfair!

Derek became more and more furious as he thought about it, but he didn't dare complain about anything with so many people around him at the moment.

He just muttered under his breath, "Humph! It doesn't matter if my release is temporary or permanent.

I'm never going back to prison again!"

A servant of the Xia Clan quickly walked over to clean up the mess on the floor. Then, Donna turned around to make her way to the kitchen, but Johnson stopped her.

Johnson didn't want Donna to personally cook anything in the kitchen for anyone, let alone for someone like Derek, who didn't deserve Donna's love and affection. So, he asked a servant to heat up some frozen wontons for Derek.

Derek was starving, so this time, he carefully received the bowl of wontons from the servant. Then, he gulped down all of the wontons in his bowl.

He didn't get the chance to eat such delicious food in jail.

Since the wontons were so tasty, Derek asked for another bowl after he finished eating.

Donna smiled and immediately asked the servant to prepare some more wontons for Derek.

Derek patted his belly with satisfaction after he gulped down the second bowl of wontons.

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