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   Chapter 870 Reunion

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Derek glanced at the gate of the Xia Clan's residence and saw that the servants were about to lock it.

He got out of the car immediately and headed straight toward the gate.

The taxi driver got out of the car too and walked after him.

"Sir! I'm sorry, sir. Please pay the fare. You forgot to pay the fare!" he said anxiously.

Pretending that he hadn't heard the taxi driver's words, Derek continued walking to the gate of the Xia Clan's residence.

"Hey! What's the matter with you? It's festival time and you don't even want to pay the fare. It's just twenty dollars. Fantastic!"

It had only been a 20-minute-drive, so the fare wasn't very expensive. The taxi driver hadn't expected that Derek would open the car door and get out of it without paying the fare as soon as they arrived at the destination.

Derek continued to ignore the driver's complaints and walked straight to the gate of the Xia Clan's residence. But just when he was about to enter, he was suddenly stopped by the security guards.

Indeed, they were going to lock the gate. On weekdays, they would be on duty until 12 o'clock every night. But since it was festival time, Lord Xia was considerate enough to allow the guards to go home at 9 o'clock and rest during this period. They would return to the normal working hours after the festival.

"Excuse me, sir. Who are you?" a guard asked.

"I'm Linda's uncle. Please let me in."

"You are Lady Linda's uncle? Wait a moment here, please. I'll go in and report it to Lady Linda right away."

The guards at the gate hadn't been informed that Lady Linda's uncle would come here today, so they weren't sure if the man was telling the truth or not.

Besides, they'd never seen this man before, so they had to be careful.

After all, there were always many crooks during festival time.

Derek waited anxiously at the gate.

The taxi driver finally caught up to Derek, panting.

"What's wrong with you? You claimed that you are the uncle of the Lady of the Mu Clan, but you can't even pay the taxi fare? Come on. Follow me to the police station right now." The taxi driver roughly grabbed Derek's arm.

"Bullshit! Stop slandering me."

Actually, it was true that Derek didn't want to pay the fare. But now, he had no choice. Fortunately, Paul had given him 100 dollars just now, so he didn't have to worry about not having enough money to p

she heard that Derek was waiting at the gate, she rushed outside. Johnson also followed her out.

Johnson was especially kind to Donna and had even gotten a marriage license for Donna and himself.

That meant that Donna was the hostess of the Xia Clan.

In a way, he had given Donna a family.

Johnson had always felt regretful for what he'd done to Linda and Sherry.

Besides, Donna had looked after Linda for so many years, so Johnson felt that he had to do something for Donna in return.

When Donna saw Derek at the gate, she slowed down, trying to take in the fact that he was really standing in front of her now.

It was snowing and Derek was wearing very thin clothes, so he kept shivering and sneezing the whole time.

"Derek!" Donna shouted, her voice trembling.

Hearing the cry, Derek raised his head and saw Donna. "Donna!" He was so excited and sad that tears began rolling down his face.

It had been half a year since he'd been separated from his sister.

"How are you?" Donna walked to Derek and looked at him from head to toe. Derek seemed to have gotten darker and thinner than he had been before. His face was clean shaven and he had a buzz cut.

"Don't you know how I'm doing?" he asked bitterly. But he couldn't help but feel touched by Donna's concern for him.

Although he was already a middle-aged man, he pitied himself for his suffering.

"You deserve it!" Donna shook her head helplessly. No matter how much she missed Derek, she still couldn't forget what he'd done to Linda. Because of Derek's mistakes, Linda had almost lost her life.

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