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   Chapter 869 Derek's Wishful Thinking

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Derek kept on indulging himself in his daydreams.

When he reached the gate of the detention house, he saw Paul standing there. He knew that Paul worked for Charles.

This new discovery pleased him even more.

It seemed that Charles still cared about him and was even willing to bail him out from prison.

After Paul completed the formalities for Derek's bail, he walked up to Derek and said, "Come with me."

"Thank you." Derek smiled and stretched his hand to pat Paul on the shoulder, but Paul dodged immediately.

Derek stood there with his hand in the air, feeling a little embarrassed.

Paul cast Derek a nonchalant glance and then walked in front of him without saying anything.

Although Derek had been in jail for a long time, Paul was still disgusted with him because of the evil things that he'd done. He would never be willing to talk to a man like Derek.

"Hey. Don't be so indifferent to me. I haven't even thanked you for bailing me out of jail yet." Paul remained silent.

But Derek didn't care; nothing could bring his spirits down now. He'd finally gotten out of jail!

Then, he noticed the Mercedes-Benz S600 that was parked outside the prison gate.

Paul walked up to the car and Charles rolled down the car window. Derek was startled to see Charles. He hadn't expected Charles to pick him up in person.

"Young Master, do you want him to get in the car?" Paul felt that letting Derek sit in the car was an insult to this car, so he wanted to check with Charles first.

"Give him 100 to take a taxi back home."

Charles didn't even take a glance at Derek because all he felt for him was disgust.

"Okay, I see."

When Derek saw Paul turn away from Charles after talking to him, he approached the car to get into it. However, Paul stopped him when he reached out to open the car door.

"What are you doing? Let me get inside the car. I want to have a talk with my niece's husband," Derek uttered.

"Young Master asked you to take a taxi home." Then, Paul took out a hundred dollar bill out of his pocket and handed it to Derek.

After that, he got into Charles's car.

'Take a taxi?'

Derek sighed unhappily. A few moments ago when he'd found out that he'd been bailed out of prison, he'd wanted to escape once and for all. But now, he didn't know where he could go.

The money that Paul had just given him would run out in no time.

Derek was a lazy man who had never worked hard to earn a living. So even though he'd been lucky enough to be released from jail, he h

th him? How could he leave me here to hail a taxi alone?' he thought angrily.

However, he knew that it was useless for him to complain about that at this moment.

"Hey, wait a second. I think I know the address. I've gone there once."

Derek let out a sigh of relief the moment he heard the driver. It seemed that luck was on his side.

"Great. Please take me there right now."

The driver nodded and glanced at Derek a few times.

He hadn't expected that he would get a chance to take the uncle of the Lady of the Mu Clan back home before the the Spring Festival. It came as a pleasant surprise.

He believed that Derek wasn't lying to him because he really was heading to the Xia Clan's residence right now. Besides, Derek had only brought up his relation to the Lady of the Mu Clan to explain which Xia Clan he was talking about. He hadn't boasted about it.

The driver drove toward the destination from memory.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the gate of the Xia Clan's residence.

"Is this the place?" the taxi driver asked.

Derek squinted at the house in front of him but he wasn't sure. The house looked like a luxurious mansion, so Derek guessed that it was the Xia Clan's residence. There was probably no other Xia Clan in the whole of SH City that could afford such a large villa.

When Derek reached the gate of the Xia Clan's residence, everyone was still unaware that he'd been released from prison as Charles hadn't arrived there yet. Although Charles had left before Derek, he'd had to take a detour on the way because Linda had called him and asked him to fetch Little Potato and Little Tomato's feeding bottles from the Mu Clan's villa.

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