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   Chapter 868 Bail Derek Out

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7763

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Linda understood how Johnson was feeling right now. He was probably very upset that Bernard had grown into a despicable man.

Nevertheless, time changed everything, including a person's appearance and nature. Bernard was no longer the nice little boy that Johnson used to know.

"Father, please don't get upset because of Bernard. If he hadn't framed Lily, we would have agreed to help him,"

Linda said softly, patting Johnson's hand.

"Father, just forget about it. I don't want you to be unhappy."

"Well, it seems that I've lost a close friend," Johnson sighed. He'd really cared a lot about Bernard's father and held his friendship with him in high regard.

Linda didn't know how to console her father.

Bernard had done terrible things to Lily Xie, and Linda couldn't just sit by idly and remain indifferent.

"Father, you've already been nice enough to him, but he's too greedy." She suddenly regretted having exposed Bernard's true colors in front of Johnson. She couldn't bear to see her father suffer like this.

But on second thought, what Bernard had done was unforgivable.

He had framed Lily Xie and called her a slut.

Whatever the circumstances, reputation was very important for a woman.

If Linda hadn't exposed Bernard's tricks, Lily Xie would have become a slut in everyone's eyes.

It would have been a considerable blow to her.

Not only would she have felt sad and dejected, but she might have even committed suicide.

"Linda, I know what you're trying to say. Don't worry. I'll be okay soon,"

Johnson said with a bitter smile. Hopefully, time would heal him.

Linda stayed to have supper with Johnson that evening.

Lily Xie expressed her gratitude to Linda again and again. She was genuinely glad that Linda had saved her from getting into trouble.

Meanwhile, Charles and Paul were still at work. There were several important projects that Charles needed to attend to. "Young Master, we still have a meeting at 7 p.m. It's the last meeting we'll have this year,"

Paul said after checking the time on his watch.

As the CEO of the company, Charles took a hands-on approach to managing it.

And he always made sure to do his best.

"Let's try to finish the meeting in an hour. I have something else to do after that. You better prepare for it now." Char

came to meet you. Derek was fully aware of this.

The prison guard had an urge to lecture Derek right now, but he stopped himself on second thought. After all, Derek had been bailed out by someone from the Mu Clan. It would be stupid to get on Derek's bad side now. "I'm not going to punish you. Just follow me," he said.

There were nine other prisoners in the cell, and the prison guard didn't want to explain the situation to Derek in front of them. Otherwise, they would think that it was unfair and cause a commotion.

Derek followed the prison guard, puzzled. "Sir, could you please tell me what's going on? I'm really scared right now."

"Congratulations! You can celebrate the Spring Festival with your family." Since the prisoners were out of earshot, the prison guard told Derek the truth.

Derek couldn't believe his ears. He had been in prison for half a year already. In the beginning, he had thought that Linda would go soft on him. But as time went by, he'd given up hope.

He'd realized that Linda would never let him off the hook so easily.

Every day he spent in the prison, he cursed Linda with the meanest words he could think of.

But now, the prison guard was telling him that he could leave the detention house.

'I guess it's Donna, ' Derek thought.

'Or she must have begged Linda, and Linda went soft on me.'

A smug smile spread across Derek's face. 'I should thank Donna for this. I'm going to find Linda and ask her to give me a large sum of money as compensation. I've suffered a lot in prison.'

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