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   Chapter 867 Driving Bernard Out

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Bernard soon collected his thoughts.

"Yes, I'm going to be engaged to Angelina soon, so I'm determined to break up with Lily Xie. The fault is not on my end anyway. Lily betrayed me first. Everyone at school knew it already that she loved flirting with men,"

said he while he was settling down his emotion.

This time, he had prepared everything, so he wouldn't be scared off by Linda so easily. Now that he wanted to make use of the victim card, he should soon end it all for good.

"Are you even aware of the consequence of defaming other people by framing them? Do you want to get handcuffed and be taken away by the police?"

However, now that the die is cast, Bernard wouldn't take his words back and admit that he had framed Lily Xie.

"No, I didn't frame Lily!"

"Well, now take a look at the paper again. Tell me what you see on the third and fourth pages?"

At this point, Bernard already dare not continue looking at it. But he still opened it up anyway out of curiosity.

The third and fourth pages, as the previous pages, were still chatting records. But this time, it was the chatting records between Bernard and the person he hired to forge the pictures of Lily Xie and other men.

And another part was still the chatting records between Bernard and Angelina.

It turned out that it was Angelina who instigated Bernard to frame Lily.

"Where... where did you get this? Don't you know... it's illegal to snoop other people's chatting records?" Bernard's voice was a bit trembling now.

Since the Mu's Group took control of the most popular communication app in this country now, no wonder, Linda could get access to all these records very easily.

This app was mostly very popular among young people.

In order to protect users' privacy, these chatting records were not 'supposed' to be accessible by others. However, Linda broke this particular law and investigated the chatting records because she suspected that Bernard had played some tricks on the matter.

Apparently, Linda's instinct turned out to be true.

To deal with wicked people, we should employ the most wicked means in return.

An eye for an eye; if they were shameless, we should no

elp of their business.

But who knew that Bernard would screw things up?

"Didn't your father ask you to ask for the Xia Clan's help besides breaking off the engagement? How can you ask them to make up to you?" The servant beside him also felt very helpless now.

It was the very first time in his life that he had been driven away.

"Shut up! How dare you question me?"

Bernard was still furious now. Once he heard his servant question him, he slapped him right away.

"I... I... I... I'm sorry, Master Bernard."

Bernard was still wondering as to how he would explain this to his father.

Of course, Linda didn't care about it. No matter what would happen to Bernard after he returned home, it had nothing to do with Linda.

In the villa of the Xia Clan

At the moment, the atmosphere was cheerful.

Lily Xie walked toward Linda, looking at her with her sparkling eyes. "Linda, you're so cool!"

"You silly girl! How can you use 'cool' to describe your sister? Isn't it a word to describe the boys?" Donna said with a smile. Fortunately, today was a false alarm.

Everyone was laughing, but Johnson just sat there, depressed.

Linda strolled towards him and patted him on the shoulder. "What's up, father? It's all over now. Why are you still unhappy?"

Johnson shook his head helplessly and sighed. "I really don't know how can Bernard become like this? He was lovely when he was very young and I carried him several times then."

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