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   Chapter 866 Shame On You

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'Is this so-called moral coercion or something? My father and your father have been friends for decades, so he has to do you the favor?' Linda thought to herself. A faint sneer crossed her face, but Bernard didn't notice it.

Linda had underestimated Bernard. She had thought he was only a flirt, but it turned out he was also shameless.

Linda was about to retort when Johnson spoke. "It's not a big deal," he said.

He also wanted the same—to break off the engagement between Lily Xie and Bernard—and was glad Bernard brought it up first.

It was perhaps a good thing that both parties saw eye to eye.

Nevertheless, Johnson treasured his friendship with Bernard's father, and didn't mind helping Bernard develop his family business. But he could by no means stand Bernard framing Lily Xie like this.

Breaking off the engagement was no big deal, but Bernard was now slandering Lily Xie.

Johnson swore to himself that he would fight for justice on Lily Xie's behalf.

When Bernard heard Johnson say "It's not a big deal," he flashed a proud smile. 'Ah, I'm a genius at negotiations!' he thought.

"Uncle Johnson, I did really like Lily a lot, and I was reluctant to break off the engagement. But look at these pictures! Which man could tolerate this? You understand me, don't you?" Bernard asked, his voice a mix of heartbroken cajoling and smugness.

"Hmmm," Johnson nodded, his face deadpan.

"Ah. Now that I know you understand, I guess it's okay for me to ask for compensation," Bernard smiled sweetly.

Johnson's eyebrows came together, forming an angry, confused furrow.

He couldn't believe his ears. 'He frames Lily, and even asks for compensation! How dare he!'

He wanted to know what Bernard truly wanted. "Go on," he said.

"We want to develop our catering business in SH City. And we also want to go into the electrical appliances market. Uncle Johnson, I was wondering if you could act as a go-between and introduce me to Young Master Mu?" So that was what he was after! It didn't take long for him to expose his true intentions.

"Anything else?"

Johnson asked, tapping his fingers on the table.

"What Lily did brought shame to our fami

or so many years. He would definitely help you. Why did you have to use these dirty tricks?"

Bernard's smile froze at the mention of Angelina Li, and Linda caught his expression. She knew what Bernard and Angelina had done behind Lily Xie's back.

"My Lady, who told you this? This is pure slander!" Bernard said, feigning calm.

"Pure slander?" Linda laughed. "Look at this!" she said, as she threw a few pieces of paper on the table before him. "What is this?

Don't tell me you two went to the hotel to chat or something."

Bernard picked them up, and his expression changed dramatically. On the first page were records of him and Angelina checking into the hotel room together.

He looked up at Linda, mouth agape. He had been here for only half an hour, and Paul had merely been here for 15 minutes, yet he had already known the ins and outs of the matter.

Bernard was so humiliated that he felt like he was completely naked in front of Linda.

"This is only the first page. Calm down a little and take a look at the second one,"

Linda said.

Despite his outward calm, Bernard's hands were still shaking. He began to check the second page.

Much to his horror, the chats between him and Angelina were on paper—they had flirted with each other using dirty words and had plotted against Lily Xie. 'I can't believe this! How did she get her hands on these records and chats?' he thought, stunned.

A cold shiver ran down his spine.

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