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   Chapter 865 Would He Still Do Us This Favor

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Gerald stood up as his rage started to boil.

Bernard smiled at Gerald and asked, "What is your relationship with Lily?" When Gerald didn't respond, he continued, "Moreover, how could you talk to me like that? I don't think you have the right to speak here. Gerald, if I remember correctly, you have to work part-time while attending school in order to pay for your tuition fees. You're just a poor man. What gives you the impression that you could go after someone like Lily?"

Gerald was about to speak when Bernard added in an aggressive manner, "Are you just using her for connections to the Xia Clan?"

"What are you talking about, Bernard? Don't make such rude remarks to defame others!"

Lily Xie shouted as she stood up. She couldn't tolerate him and his crazy remarks anymore.

Right then, Bernard winked at the servant behind him and the servant immediately handed a brown paper bag filled with photos.

Johnson began to pull a long face the moment he saw the photos inside the bag.

Noticing the astonished expression on Johnson's face, Donna took a photo from Johnson. Upon taking a look at it, she got so startled that she involuntarily took a few steps backward.

When Linda saw their reactions to the photos, she took the paper bag from Johnson's hand.

After she took out the photos and had a look, Linda also furrowed her eyebrows.

The photographs were really obscene.

Some of those photos were very blurry but it was clear that they were taken in a bar. In one of the photos, a woman's back was upfront and center. What was the most shocking was that the woman looked like Lily Xie. Although, the quality of the photos made it obscure.

The rest of the photos were taken on a bed.

Some of those photos showed the back of the woman that looked like Lily Xie, and some showed her face.

In one of the photos, the woman was on the bed without wearing any clothes. A few men were gathering around her...

Lily Xie approached Linda to see the photos. Naturally, she got surprised and immediately stated, "Linda, these photos are fake. I never did such a thing or at the very least, took those kinds of photos!"

Before that, Linda heard that they were talking about Angelina Li and some other matters. Now she was starting to feel suspicious of the whole thing. A lot of guesses went through her mind.

Even though the quality of the photos was not that great, they looked real. And in some of the photos, Lily Xie's face could clearly be seen.

But Lily Xie's eyes were closed in the pictures. Linda guessed that the photos might have been edited.


work. He informed Paul about the result.

Then, Paul approached Linda and leaned towards her ear to relay the result.

After listening to him, Linda nodded and said, "Okay, you can leave now."

"Yes, My Lady," Paul obediently addressed Linda with a smile.

After that, Paul left with the man that he came with.

Linda stared at Bernard who looked determined and asked, "You want to call off the engagement? If so, we agree with you!"

Bernard was stunned by Linda's words. He didn't expect her to speak so bluntly.

"It seems that you've figured out whether the photos have been edited or not, am I right?" Bernard stumbled on his words.

"No more nonsense! If you want to cancel the engagement, we agree with you. As simple as that," Linda regarded him plainly.

"Linda, my engagement with Lily has been arranged by Uncle Johnson and my father. It's a serious matter. It seems inappropriate for Lily to do such a thing after she has been engaged to me," Bernard explained.

Linda noticed that Bernard was finally showing his true colors. In order to find out his true intentions even more, Linda asked, "What do you want?"

"Before the engagement, Uncle Johnson promised my father that he would help us set up several restaurants in SH City and develop the business. Is that right, Uncle Johnson?"

Bernard uttered.

"Um, and then?" Linda continued asking.

Upon hearing Linda, Bernard thought that he might get a chance this time, so he responded, "My father said that even if Lily can't get married to me, the business of our clan can still be conducted in SH City. My father and Uncle Johnson are friends for more than ten years, so Uncle Johnson might still be willing to do us this favor, right?"

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