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   Chapter 863 The Dai Clan Members Were Coming

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"What's up?" asked Linda in a low voice as she lowered her head.

She didn't dare speak loudly since their twins were already asleep. She didn't want to wake them up.

"Nothing. I just miss you." Charles clung to Linda and rubbed his hard body against her. Of course, Linda knew what Charles exactly wanted to do with her at the moment.

She turned over and sensually crawled atop Charles. She sat on his lap, caged his hips between her legs firmly, and then gave him a flirtatious smile.

"Honey, why do you become so initiative today?"

"Shhh... Be quiet. Don't wake our babies up."

With an obedient nod, Charles smiled at Linda and gently pulled her closer. He then cupped her beautiful face and began kissing her tender lips urgently.

Linda felt a little amused, thinking of how things had changed since they had their babies. For Pete's sake! Who would have thought that making love would be an inconvenience to them one day?

Nonetheless, she was able to put those thoughts aside when Charles' fingers started sliding down her sensitive body. His touch could ignite her need and it was amazing how her body seemed to be so ready for him. She could feel her lady bits in fire! She was kissing Charles with equal hunger now like she had been starving for his lips for a long time. When Charles reached out to cup her breast, Linda went even by caressing his naked chest.

They were panting each other's name erotically as they didn't seem to get enough of each other until a loud baby's voice suddenly filled their ears and made them instantly stop.

Linda and Charles exchanged awkward glances and then forced wry smiles.

"That's Little Tomato," sighed Linda upon recognizing their baby's voice.

"Oh, God. This is not happening." Charles stared at Linda with a hint of annoyance on his face. He then shook his head and joked, "Shouldn't I beat Little Tomato for messing up this moment?"

It was then that another cry suddenly came in a choir with Little Tomato's loud voice.

It seemed like Little Tomato's whining woke up Little Potato. Thus, the little guy ended up throwing a tantrum now!

"Move quickly, Charles! Our babies are crying."

Linda immediately got out of bed, put her clothes on, and began preparing milk for the twins.

It was an unholy hour and all their servants were already snoring on their beds. It wouldn't be appropriate to wake the servants up just to feed the babies. Thus, Linda had to do it personally this time.

Although a bit morose, Charles still trudged towards the table where the bottles were and helped his wife.

They went over to their baby cots together after making the milk. Each of them took one of their children and began feeding the little ones.

Little Potato and Little Tomato instantly stopped crying upon smelling their milk and began to drink with the feeding bottles in their hands.


ossible for Gerald Bai to be here now?

Embarrassment showed on Gerald's face while looking at Linda. "My parents have many things to deal with during the Spring Festival and don't have any time to stay with me. Thus, I just had a meal with my family and then left home. I came here today to look for Lily and also take this chance to help her with her study."

"Oh, well, where are you from?"

"I'm from YC City."

"Oh, okay..." Linda didn't say anything else after asking the question.

It was then that Johnson walked up to them and spoke, "Linda, the Dai Clan members will be coming here today."

Raising her eyebrows knowingly, Linda turned to the man. She believed that something interesting would happen today.

The Spring Festival hadn't come yet but their guests were already flooding their house to visit the Xia Clan today.

It was in the afternoon that the Dai Clan members arrived at the Xia Clan's residence.

Linda hadn't told Lily Xie that she and Johnson were going to call off the engagement between Lily Xie and Bernard yet.

Linda knew that Lily Xie had no interest in Bernard at all because she seldom contacted him even after getting engaged to him for three months.

After the servant informed Johnson about the Dai Clan's arrival, Johnson asked the servant to lead Bernard inside the house.

Linda watched Bernard walk across their living room. A few servants followed him, carrying a lot of bags in their hands. It seemed that he had brought a whole mall as a gift to them this time.

It had taken Bernard a long time to visit the Xia Clan's residence from YN Province. Bernard looked tired, with dark circles under his eyes, which made Linda take an instant dislike to him.

"Hi, Bernard. It's been a while!" Johnson greeted as he walked towards Bernard.

Bernard was still a kid when Johnson last met him. They actually hadn't seen each other for more than a decade.

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