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   Chapter 861 They Were Not Good People

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Lily Xie wanted to hold Little Potato and Little Tomato, but she felt a little embarrassed to let Linda know what was in her mind at this moment.

"Well, yes, they're very cute. You can also have your own babies in the future," Linda said with an understanding smile.

Lily Xie blushed at Linda's words.

"I'm still very young. Don't make jokes about it," she said teasingly.

Their meal together pleased Linda to no end. She was always in a good mood at the start of the Chinese New Year when she would get together with her family to celebrate.

"By the way, Charles, my mother thinks that even though Derek has done something reckless and gone too far this time, he might have gotten enough punishment for his mistakes by now. He's spent half a year in jail. So could you just..."

"He has been sentenced to several years in prison and he's showing no sign of repentance in there. He's completely lazy where he is right now. So I don't think there's any way to help him commute his sentence." Charles shook his head but was firm in what he said.

Donna began to pull a long face at that. "Don't you have another way to help him?" she asked, sounding rather desperate. "If he can be freed this time, I'll make sure to keep a watch on him. I'll make sure he doesn't do anything reckless!"

"I don't mean to keep him imprisoned for so long. But I hope you understand the level of evil that Derek fell to when he did that. If I let him out of jail because of emotions and feelings, it is not fair to Linda. Plus, I don't intend to let him continue doing wrong and harming others to satisfy his whims and fancies."

Donna also understood that

Derek should pay for the wrongs he had done.

"Young Master Mu, it doesn't matter. I was only checking if there could be anything... But I understand," Donna said.

"Although we can't reduce his penalty or release him sooner, I can let him get out of jail for a week to celebrate the New Year with Lily and you. What do you think?"

Donna looked up in surprise, an excited smile forming on her face. "Really? Thank you very much, Young Master Mu."

Charles nodded and said, "Um, mother, you don't have to call me 'Young Master Mu'. You can call me Charles."

Donna addressing him as 'Young Master Mu' had always made Charles a little morose. He was of the opinion that her being Linda's mother meant she didn't have to call him in such a polite, respectful way.

"Okay, Charles."

Donna wasn't used to calling Charles by his name. It wasn't easy f

ended rather dully.

The thought of the test had brought back the worry to Lily Xie's mind. Charles had helped her get admission into a brilliant university that was really strict about students' studies. So Lily Xie worked hard all the time to try to master the professional courses being taught there. And luckily enough, her classmate had been generous enough to help her with her studies.

Now, Linda knew, obviously that Lily's classmate was a boy.

However, since Lily Xie looked calm and composed and even her eyes didn't give anything away, Linda couldn't figure out whether Lily had a crush on her classmate or not.

"No problem. We shall treat your classmate as a guest of top priority," Johnson said, nodding.

"Your classmate is a boy, right?" Donna asked Lily Xie, and almost immediately turned to Johnson. "Johnson, I don't think it is appropriate to let him come over here. Lily is engaged. The Dai Clan might be displeased if they come to know that we let her male classmate visit her at home,"

Donna finished, frowning.

Donna's words made sense. Linda was about to comment on it, but her phone interrupted her. It was Paul's message, one that contained details about the investigation results.

Linda frowned the moment she saw the message contents. She learned that the Dai Clan owned a lot of restaurants, but most of them didn't seem to be making any profits. Some even lost money in business. The only reason they could lead a good life and be powerful in the YN Province was because they made money from activities like practising usury and soliciting prostitution. It turned out that the members of the Dai Clan weren't good people at all.

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