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   Chapter 860 Charles Is Coming

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"Hmm... not bad. After all, we have known each other for just a short time." It looked like Lily Xie was not that interested in Bernard Dai.

Looking at the people around her, Linda felt confused. 'Who's Bernard?' she wondered.

So to better understand the discussion, she looked at her father and asked, "Who's Bernard, father?"

Johnson turned his attention to her and smiled. Then he explained, "Bernard is the Master of the Dai Clan in YN Province."

"But why does Lily have to get along with him?" Linda asked, still unable to understand what the point of the discussion was. "Is it because they are in the same university and that they should take care of each other?" she continued probing.

"No, it's not just that. You see, your father arranged Lily's betrothal to Bernard. Since the Dai Clan is among the major clans in YN, it is a good choice for Lily to be their future Lady."

Seeing the confusion in Linda's eyes, Donna patiently explained the situation. She believed the betrothal would be easily understood since it was still common at present.

"Oh, I see."

Though arranged marriages were still common, Linda still strongly believed that it should be based on love. A big percentage of the success of a marriage still depended on it. Without love, other values needed in a marriage would not be present.

Take herself as an example. The foundation of her marriage with Charles was entirely love. Otherwise, they would not be so happy now.

"Well, what are your feelings for Bernard, Lily?"

Linda always treated Lily Xie as her younger cousin. With that question, she would like to know if there would be something good that would come out of the arrangement. Anyway, there were couples from arranged marriages who fell in love with each other at a later time. But, of course, reality check, not all had happy endings. Her heart felt a little heavy.

Furthermore, there were still other factors to be considered. Obeying the elders was one. 'What if Lily doesn't really like Bernard at all and she just could not say no to the orders of her elders?'

Once more, the feeling of dread was there. 'I know they will not hurt Lily. But marriage is an important thing in one's life and must be treated with care.'

"Err... I have just known him for two months. I can't really say for now if I like him in a special way or not. But during my stay in YN Province studying, Bernard is not bad to me."

It took a moment before Lily Xie answered. Determining her feelings about a person she barely knew was really hard.

"Bernard is a good choice for Lily. He is good-looking. In addition, the marriage will elevate Lily's social status." Johnson smiled as he further explained the expected outcome of the marriage.

Faced w

with a small smile.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, dishes were already being cooked by the five-star chef employed by Johnson. Now that everybody was here, Johnson let the servants set the dining room and bring in the dinner.

Linda breathed in ecstatically as the first dish was brought in. Wow! Cola Chicken Wings, her favorite! She was very sure by now that her father really loved her.

"I love you, father!" Just like the little daughters all over the world charming their way to their fathers' hearts was Linda, smiling so sweetly.

The only evidence one could see that Johnson was really pleased with her words was his little mustache subtly shaking a few times. "I know it is one of your favorites. I specifically instructed the chef to cook it for you. Help yourself and enjoy it."

Without any further ado, Linda picked up a chicken wing. It was so delicious! She couldn't help but moan with contentment.

Sitting right beside her was Charles, looking at her facial expression. "Does it taste better than my cooking, dear?"

Surprised with his question, Linda raised her eyebrows. "You haven't cooked it for me for such a long time. How can I still remember what yours tastes?" She knew she exaggerated a bit.

Charles was already thinking of pretending to be angry with her when he saw Linda's lovely face with a chicken wing in her mouth. He suddenly forgot his plan of teasing her.

He just smiled helplessly and gave her cheek a soft pinch.

Bringing also to the table were Little Potato and Little Tomato. Since they were still small, they could only have a little bit of liquid food.

Meanwhile, Lily Xie's eyes lit up at once when she saw the two babies. She was so happy to see them.

"Are they your babies, Linda?" asked Lily Xie, excited. It was nice to have babies around. "How adorable they are!"

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