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   Chapter 859 How's Your Relationship With Bernard Going

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Before Linda's car even reached the gate of the Xia Clan's residence, a servant of the Xia Clan informed Johnson and Donna about Linda's arrival.

When Linda finally got out of the car and noticed Johnson and Donna waiting at the gate, she felt a little amused.

"Father, mother, what are you doing here? I'm not a guest, so you don't have to wait for me at the gate."

Linda felt bad that they were waiting for her outside, especially since it was snowing now.

"It's all right. You father insisted on coming out to meet you."

Johnson stared at Donna with disapproval and retorted, "You're the one who wanted to come and see Linda, so why are you turning the tables now?"

Seeing them bicker over such a small matter amused Linda. She knew that they cared about her very much.

She smiled and happily took Donna's hand in hers. She hadn't seen Donna for a long time and she was surprised to find that Donna looked more beautiful than before. Perhaps it was because Donna was leading a more peaceful life now.

Donna had gone through a lot in the past. Not only had she had to bring up Cindy and Linda, but she'd also been forced to give a lot of money to her annoying brother who always asked her for money to pay his debts.

"Let's go inside first. Is Lily back home?" Linda asked.

"Yes. She's taking some rest now. You didn't bring Little Potato and Little Tomato with you?"

There was a hint of disappointment in Johnson's eyes after he noticed that Linda had gotten out of the car alone.

Linda thought that he must miss the two babies very much.

When Linda had been staying at the Nalan Clan's residence, Johnson and Donna had gone to the Mu Clan's villa from time to time to visit Little Potato and Little Tomato. Since Johnson was their grandfather, it was normal for him to miss them.

Fortunately for Johnson, the two babies were in fact being brought to the Xia Clan's residence today. Since they hadn't finished their food yet, Linda had decided to set out first and let the servants drive her babies here later.

"Don't worry, they're coming here. They're in another car and will arrive here soon. Today, you can get the chance to hold them and spend some time with them." Linda smiled and took Johnson's arm.

"That's great!" A broad smile spread across Johnson's face.

When Linda entered the gate, she saw Lily Xie come out of the house.

"Linda, you're back!" Lily Xie greeted.

Linda found that Lily

na's mind, but Derek had indeed gone too far. He'd even colluded with Amy several times to get Linda into trouble. Linda knew that if she hadn't punished him, he would have continued doing evil things.

"Linda, if possible, can you help commute Derek's sentence? After all, he is Lily's father, and she needs him," Donna said hesitantly.

She'd wanted to bring this up to Linda many times, but every time she met Linda, she felt embarrassed and didn't dare talk about it. Today, since Lily Xie was here too, Donna finally had the guts to mention it.

"Mother, we can put this matter aside for the moment."

Linda was neither agreeing nor refusing to help Derek at this moment, but she had no intention of helping him because she really disliked him.

Besides, Derek had received his sentence because of all the evil things he'd done, so it wouldn't be appropriate for her to violate the law and help him get out of the jail.

"Okay." Donna knew that Linda wasn't willing to help Derek because of all the reckless things he'd done to her. Once, just to get a sum of money, Derek had even colluded with Amy to harm Linda, his own niece. Since he'd been so cruel to Linda, it was normal for Linda to hate and punish him.

Johnson, Donna, Linda, and Lily Xie entered the house together. Since it was freezing outside, it wasn't good for them to continue standing and talking there.

Once they settled into the living room, the servants brought them hot tea.

"Lily, how's your relationship with Bernard going now?"

Johnson asked after taking a sip of tea, wondering whether Lily Xie was getting along well with Bernard Dai.

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