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   Chapter 858 Lily Xie Is Coming Back

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Linda pondered over Sophia's words.

As the Lady of the Mu Clan, she was of course concerned about all the industries of the Mu's Group.

She would certainly be willing to help if it meant that she could find some good actors or actresses for the Mu's Group's entertainment company through this opportunity.

After all, the public didn't concern themselves with where famous stars came from.

No one cared about how a star had gotten into show business. Instead, they were concerned about whether or not the star had acting skills.

Thinking about all this, Linda decided to agree to Leo's request. "Well, I see, Leo. You can be responsible for this matter. If anyone asks you about it, you can tell them that you have my permission."

Linda was never afraid to try something new.

Besides, she knew Sophia's character very well.

Generally speaking, it was impossible for Sophia to admit that someone was better than her. So if Sophia herself said that Leo's cousin was talented, it had to be true.

"Yes. Besides, my cousin is also good at singing," Leo continued.

"That's really amazing! I believe in your choices. You can take charge of this matter."

Linda was readily agreeing to all of Leo's requests because she knew him very well.

She was confident that Leo wouldn't lie to her.

Leo breathed a sigh of relief after hearing Linda's words.

The truth was, Leo could have just asked Sophia for help. After all, Sophia was a superstar. It would have been easy to make his cousin popular using Sophia's popularity.

But after careful consideration, Leo had decided that he didn't want to take that route because Sophia was just an individual.

It needed a company's elaborate plan to make an ordinary person famous and popular. Otherwise, it would be difficult to get them good resources.

If Sophia's great talents hadn't been discovered by Charles, then there would be no difference between her and common people aside from the fact that she was good at singing.

In other words, Sophia would have never reached the point where she was now.

"No problem. Thank you so much, My Lady!"

"You're welcome." Linda smiled. She was now looking forward to seeing Leo's cousin.

Several years ago, Leo had been accepted by a film academy, but he hadn't had the money to enroll because his family was very poor.

He was the only son in the family and

After Derek Xie had gone to prison, Linda had sent Lily Xie to attend a university in YN Province.

At first, she thought that it was useless to send Lily Xie to the best school that they could, because her academic performance was poor.

Of course, academic performance varied from person to person. It didn't matter if someone couldn't excel in school courses. Every individual could focus on what he or she was most interested in and find a job in that industry in the future.

But then Donna had insisted that since Lily Xie was Derek's only daughter, she should be sent to a good university to study. Later on, Linda had also agreed and sent her to a famous university in YN Province with Charles' help.

Lily Xie had been interested in art since she was a child and that university was famous for the art major that it offered. To Linda's relief, Lily Xie performed very well in her major.

Although she didn't do quite well in the other school courses, it didn't affect her much since she was an art student and she performed well in all the art courses.

Linda hadn't seen Lily Xie for a long time, so she really wanted to see her. In fact, the news that Lily's father was in prison was truly a big blow to her.

Anyway, Lily Xie was innocent, so Linda wanted to try her best to help her.

After getting up and washing her face, Linda asked the servants to prepare some gifts for Lily Xie.

Then, she headed to the Xia Clan's residence.

She hadn't seen Johnson for a long time either, but she'd heard that he was in good health and getting along well with Donna.

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