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   Chapter 857 The Supporting Actress Role

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"Yes. I'm pregnant with a baby girl," Sophia replied happily.

Linda used to think that she and Sophia would always hold grudges towards each other. However, it seemed like things had changed as they began to treat each other friendlier now.

In fact, Linda even thought that Sophia was one of the most beautiful pregnant women she ever met.

It seemed that bearing a child had made her a lot milder. Just the thought that Sophia had become nicer made Linda sincerely happy for her.

"Be careful. Sit down here," said Leo as he assisted Sophia to sit down. He then shot Linda a glance and nodded at her while smiling.

The gentle way Leo took care of Sophia convinced Linda that he indeed loved the woman.

As far as Linda knew, Leo had been doting on Sophia since they were college schoolmates. Thus, it wasn't a surprise that he adored her even more now that she was carrying his baby.

It was given that being nice to their wives was trending among men nowadays. However, only a few of those men actually did it out of loyalty and love. There was no doubt that Leo was one of those rare men.

In contradiction to those positive thoughts, Linda still believed that there wasn't anyone who was selfless in this world.

She knew that Leo would never even doubt killing another person for Sophia. Could she still regard Leo as a good man if that was the case? Definitely not, of course! However, his gentleness and love for Sophia could still be another thing to consider. It was obvious that he was doing his best to take good care of his woman because he faultlessly loved her.

It was almost synonymous with the question, 'Is Charles a good person?' He frankly wasn't.

Charles was only nice to Linda because she was his beloved woman. However, it would be useless to expect Charles of treating other people the same way. He wouldn't even feel guilty for treating anyone cruelly.

Linda could still remember how Charles didn't show any mercy on Amy when the latter was about to die.

The man was outright ruthless. Amy was crazy in love with Charles and wished to hear Charles say that he loved her before she died. It could have been really easy for Charles to just say something nice back then but he didn't.

He was firm that those three words Amy were asking for were exclusively for Linda alone. Linda was the only one he loved and he would never tell anyone else 'I love you' just because the situation demanded.

More so, he had never told any other woman 'I once loved you' either.

Done with the two. How about Becker, Adrian, and Nelson?

No one was spared. She doubted that these three were selfless and nice too.

"The Spring Festival is coming soon, Linda. I and Leo plan to go back to our hometown for the occasion. I also intend to give birth to my baby there. However, we wanted to come here and visit you just before we leave. How are you

own. You can arrange her to be a part of any of our company's shows if she really wants to, Leo."

"But my cousin is neither beautiful nor alluring. Thus, it is difficult to arrange an important role in the movie for her. We came here today to talk about a matter with you in advance. Our company is going to shoot a new movie early next year. I think that my cousin is a suitable person to play the supporting actress role, so I want her to have a try. We're hoping for you to give her a chance."

The supporting actress role was a very important part of whatever movie.

It was very distinctive and crucial, especially to those movies that the Mu's Group produced.

Alina had also played as a supporting actress to one of the Mu's Group movies once. However, Alina's experience was remarkable since she had already acted on more than ten other TV shows even before she got the role. Moreover, that woman's skill was simply amazing. The only reason why she was always getting the supporting roles before was that she never had the chance to get the lead roles.

However, knowing that Leo was here to negotiate his cousin to get the supporting role made Linda worried. She didn't know anything about his cousin and his cousin might not be competent enough to play such a big role.

"I saw his cousin... She indeed doesn't look so pretty and also hasn't received any professional training. Nevertheless, can you please give her a chance this time, Linda? I have once seen her perform and found that she is very talented. I believe she can handle being the supporting actress well."

Looking at Linda earnestly, Sophia added, "I think that Leo's cousin has the better acting skill than me. She can become an outstanding actress but she just hasn't got any chance to show her talent. Leo's family was poor before and it was only Leo who had the chance to go to college. His cousin, however, is a school drop-out..."

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