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   Chapter 856 Your Belly Becomes So Large Now

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7844

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Linda was satisfied with the happy life she had now and would always cherish everything she owned.

Anna, who noticed that Linda was absorbed in her own thoughts, gently said, "My Lady, what are you thinking about?"

Linda immediately pulled herself back to reality. Her mind had wandered too much just now.

"Oh, I was just thinking about what happened last year. This time last year, I was still lying in a hospital bed," Linda said with a smile.

Anna inhaled sharply. Thinking about that incident scared her even a year later. Back then, Anna had thought that Linda wouldn't be able to overcome such a situation since her face was disfigured. After all, Linda was also a woman, and could never endure such torment.

"My Lady, you really looked so miserable at that time. Do you know something? I've never met anyone as strong-willed as you are. Time and again, you've succeeded in getting through hard times completely because of your own strong will."

Anna's eyes were brimming with tears.

It was exactly a year ago that Anna had made up her mind to follow Linda and take care of her.

"Thank you, Anna. But let's not let the past make us unhappy now. The Spring Festival is just around the corner, so we should be in a good mood every day."

Linda didn't want to talk about that matter anymore. She felt sad every time she remembered those days. Thinking about it now, she didn't know how she'd gotten through such suffering either.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Linda looked out of the window and, to her surprise, saw a few snowflakes falling outside.

She immediately ran up to the window to see the snow.

"It's snowing in SH City! It seldom snows here."

"That's right. I've been living in SH City for many years and this is the first time that I'm seeing snow here," Anna uttered.

"By the way, My Lady, I heard that Lady Victoria is back." Linda and Anna were standing in front of the window and admiring the beautiful scenery outside. There were several servants sweeping the ground in the yard. The small amount of snow didn't affect their work at all.

"That's right, she's back. You know her too?" Linda returned to the sofa in the living room and lazily sprawled out on it. It was cold these days, so Linda didn't feel like going outside at all. She felt very comfortable lying o

an interesting day indeed.

There were so many unexpected guests turning up at the Mu Clan's villa, much to Linda's surprise.

She knew that Sophia must be a few months pregnant now.

"Let them come in." Then, she asked the servants to prepare some tea for them. She hadn't seen them for a long time. Since Sophia had been pregnant for a while, she hadn't taken part in any movie shooting or activities of the entertainment company.

However, the movie 'Vengeful Girl with Her CEO' was a huge box office hit. Although Sophia had only played a supporting role in the movie, she'd won many fans, making her acting career more successful and promising.

But after she announced at the press conference that she was going to marry Leo, many of her fans became sad.

Nowadays, more and more fans could accept the fact that the stars they admired were getting married, so even though many fans were a little disappointed upon learning the news that Sophia was pregnant and would be getting married soon, they still wished her happiness.

Meanwhile, Alina, who had played the leading role in Vengeful Girl with Her CEO, had achieved success and become much more popular now.

Alina had successfully made the leap from a B-list actress to a famous A-list one, even receiving up to 10 million for a single movie or TV series.

Sophia was holding Leo for support as they walked into the living room. When Sophia caught sight of Linda, she immediately smiled.

"Linda," she greeted.

"Oh. You're pregnant and your belly has become so large now."

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