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   Chapter 855 Memory Loss

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Queenie nodded. She felt really bad that Lord Nalan couldn't remember who she was.

She looked straight into Lord Nalan's eyes for a moment, hoping it would jolt his memory. However, she could tell from the blank expression on his face that he still wasn't able to remember her. She felt a little sorry that she hadn't found the time to meet him until now.

She had heard that he was sick, of course, but she hadn't known the details and she hadn't been able to find the right moment to ask anyone in the Nalan Clan about him.

The main reason she'd returned home this time was to attend Becker's engagement ceremony, so she hadn't pried into Lord Nalan's condition or asked anyone about him.

Realizing that Lord Nalan couldn't recognize her, Queenie bid goodbye to him and left.

Lord Nalan continued playing with the birds while the servant continued to wait upon him.

Suddenly, he glanced at the servant and said seriously, "Don't you think that you said too much?"

The servant was startled. He began to realize that he might have said something inappropriate.

"Never mind. Don't be scared. I won't blame you for this. Go and find Linda right now and tell her what you told the lady just now. But remember, you can't tell her that I asked you to do this. Just say that you accidentally let it slip and that you regret saying it," ordered Lord Nalan.

The servant nodded and left in a hurry.

Linda was still talking to Anna in the living room. Suddenly, a servant ran into the room in a hurry. Linda asked before the servant said anything, "Is there something wrong?"

"Yes, My Lady. Just now, Lord Nalan and I ran into a woman in the garden. She asked me about Lord Nalan's condition and I told her that Lord Nalan has amnesia..."

Linda furrowed her brows. She was afraid that Queenie would tell Rosy about it. Lord Nalan's amnesia was something that they couldn't afford letting Rosy find out about.

Lord Nalan still hadn't regained his memory. If Rosy found out about this, she would blame Linda for not taking good care of their grandfather and try to take him back to the Nalan Clan's residence.

But Linda thought that something didn't add up. If the servant had thought that it was okay to tell Queenie about Lord Nalan's amnesia, why was he reporting to her about it now? "Did someone ask you to tell me this?" she asked curiously.

"No, no. I realized that I shouldn't have told her about it right after I spilled the beans. I've never met her before, so I don't know if she can be trusted. That's why I

na even if she broke up with Becker one day. She knew that Anna would have a good reason to do so.

However, if Becker was the one who broke up with Anna, Linda would never forgive him.

To Linda, Anna was more than just her private doctor. Anna was the one who had helped her heal the scars on her face after Amy Qi had scratched her. Back then, nearly every doctor, including plastic surgeons, said that it was impossible for her to recover, but Anna had managed to help. With great difficulty, Anna had found a great doctor who knew how to treat Linda's injury.

Now, the condition of the skin on her face was even better than before, like the surface of a shelled egg. Her face would have been ruined if it were not for Anna.

Back then, Anna had taken really good care of her. That was something Linda would never forget.

She wasn't a saint. She would definitely take revenge on everyone who had hurt her. But on the other hand, she believed that even a little help deserved a lot of return. That was why she had been trying to help Anna win Queenie's favor.

Thinking of the old days reminded Linda that there were only four days left until the Spring Festival. Time flew so fast. Even though people weren't that enthusiastic about celebrating the Spring Festival these days, Linda was still looking forward to it very much.

Last year, she had spent the festival in the hospital, lying in the hospital bed. There had been scars all over her face. Even drinking water had put her through a lot of pain. Back then, she'd hated Amy with a passion.

Fortunately, everything was different this year. She had returned to Charles and they had a lovely boy and a beautiful girl now.

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