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   Chapter 854 The Undecided Queenie

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Queenie was torn after hearing Linda's speech. She was suddenly at a loss for words. First of all, she couldn't figure out what was Linda up to. Thus, she had to leave some changeable leeway with what she said just in case she needed to retract her words. Second, she dared not to offend Linda because of her power and influences in SH City.

The expression on her face was as complex as she was feeling at the moment. How could things be this tangled? Worse, it seemed like Linda, who was just sitting before her, could easily read her mind just by how she looked.

"What on earth do you mean?" Queenie finally managed to ask as she tried her best to calm down.

"It's literal. What I said is what I meant," replied Linda in an absolute and relaxed tone.

"Let's stop beating around the bush. I don't think that Anna is fit to be my daughter-in-law. That's why I came to tell her to leave my son alone," remarked Queenie with a blank expression.

God knew how hard she was trying to restrain her unimaginable hate for Anna at the moment. Thus, she decided to just directly state her purpose without any emotions. Linda wasn't the type of person she would choose to go against especially now that the Wang Clan just came back to China. It would be easy for Linda to wipe their business off the domestic market in case she made a mistake.

Being as prudent as she was, Queenie had a very clear analysis of what was at stake. Linda's power over the domestic market could be very handy for the Wang Clan. Having someone like Linda back them up would definitely put their business in a better situation even if they broke up with the Nalan Clan.

"Alright. To put it bluntly, let me tell you that Anna is my best friend. Moreover, I think that Anna is even more than what your son deserves.

It is given that Anna is already an orphan and her parents aren't here to help your son's career anymore.

Despite that, all of us: me, Charles, the Nalan Clan, and even the Ho Clan, are more than willing to back Anna up in any situation," said Linda firmly while seriously staring at Queenie.

What she said was nothing deceitful. Gauging the current situation, Linda could see that she got at least two things to do right now. First, she should understand what Queenie's real motive was. She perfectly knew that Queenie wasn't powerful enough to sustain the Wang Clan. However, was it the reason why she had been forbidding Becker to love someone as powerless as Anna? Or, was it just that she simply hate Anna and didn't want her to be her daughter-in-law?

It would be only after recognizing what Queenie exactly wanted that Anna could move to her second step. And that was to make an action plan based on why Queenie wanted to separate Anna from Becker.

Linda waited patiently for Queenie's response. However, Queenie was back to being lost in her thoughts again. Based on what Linda said, Anna was very popular due to her relationship with the members of the Mu Clan, the Ho Clan, and the Nalan Clan. All of those families had powerful influences, giving Anna's social status an edge.

Nonetheless, Queenie still thought that Anna wasn't enough for her son, Becker.

Mincing the details of their backgrounds, Linda was still the firstborn of the Xia Clan. Regardless if Anna was as close to her as a s

r she stared at the man, the more she recognized who the man was. It was Lord Nalan!

Warmth instantly engulfed Queenie's heart. Lord Nalan was the same man who saved Becker's life when he was still a kid. The main reason why she chose to marry Becker to someone from the Nalan Clan was to repay this man's kindness.

Her feet moved to their own accord towards the stone bench.

She was smiling brightly when she said, "Lord Nalan! It's been a long time since we last met!" On the other hand, Richard was just having fun playing with the bird when he heard someone call him.

Thus, he turned his head to Queenie's direction. He then shook his head as confusion quickly flooded his mind.

"Who are you?"

Hearing what Lord Nalan said made Queenie frown. She thought, 'Seriously? Don't you remember me, Lord Nalan? I know that we haven't met each other for a decade. However, I've been maintaining myself well. Don't I look the same as how I used to when I was younger? Gosh! Do I have any wrinkles now?'

"I'm Queenie. Don't you remember me?" said the woman. She was starting to get really curious about what was exactly going on with the old man before her.

Lord Nalan's question was unbelievable. They used to be really close to each other in the past. Nevertheless, she couldn't just ignore the indifferent way Lord Nalan looked at her. It was like he didn't know her at all.

"Do I know you?" Lord Nalan's voice was very uncertain when he spoke.

That was when a servant from behind stepped forward and explained, "My Lady, His Lordship just had surgery and is now suffering amnesia. I'm afraid that Lord Nalan can't remember the past at the moment."

Realization finally hit Queenie upon hearing the servant.

She used to visit the Nalan Clan's residence before. Thus, it was impossible for the man not to know her. She could just imagine how extreme his memory loss was based on how puzzled he looked.

"How did Lord Nalan lose his memory?" asked Queenie in a concerned tone.

"My Lady, I'm afraid that I know just little about the story. As ordered by Lady Linda, I am only responsible for his safety while in the courtyard," answered the servant as he bowed his head respectfully.

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